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Magic Colored Pencil Technique (MCPT): Cakeabella

Magic Colored Pencil Technique

You might find some stamps in your collection that have tiny areas to color. And if you’re struggling with getting a paint brush or marker nib in those tiny areas, give your pencils a try. Maybe even in combination with other mediums – let the pencils do the tiny work! I made mine do it all. Coz that’s how I roll! 🙂 Watch my video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

In the video I mentioned the pencil sharpener I use – click HERE to see that one.


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49 thoughts on “Magic Colored Pencil Technique (MCPT): Cakeabella

  1. Well, baby oil as a blending solution is a new one for me. I’ll have to give it a try. My normal is gamsol or just a white pencil. I’ve loved my prismacolor pencils for years and have my small art class hooked as well. I wish you had shared the pencil numbers or names with us so we could try this card. It’s really cute and Stamping Bella has terrific images. My cake of choice is strawberry. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. I love watching your videos and appreciate your tremendous talent.

  2. Odorless gamsol. I love your card and the coloring. TFS!

  3. I’ve never tried anything but regular colored pencils.

  4. Odorless Gamsol. I think I get way too close to the image when I’m coloring and the baby oil smell is a bit cloying after a while.

  5. Never tried gamsol or baby oil. One more thing to have to buy so I decided to just skip it. I do love your card and the colors so very pretty. That stamp is cute thanks for the chance to win it. My little girls love images like that. We like to stamp them on coloring paper for the girls to color while I work on a card.

  6. Thanks so much for showing how to use the baby oil.. I LOVE my Prismacolor pencils as well and have only used the blending pencil to try and blend.. Can’t wait to do this technique.. Tomorrow is my 60th and I am so scared!! But maybe some chocolate cake will make it allll ok!! haha! Thanks Sandy

  7. Hi, Sandy! Another great card and inspirational video! I’m a real newbie to coloring and using just pencils — no gamsol — at this point. Trying to channel your color lightly technique. But, think I’m gonna need to get a blender pencil. Have been using white to blend up ’til now. 🙂

  8. I never knew about blending with oil. I am new to coloring with pencils. I will have to try this!

  9. A pleasure to watch your videos, great card. I love using my Prisma pencils. Thanks for the tip with the baby oil. I’ll try that.

  10. You are the queen of coloring-doesn’t matter if it’s copics,water colors or pencils!! Thanks for the tutorials. I’m still new to all of it but I have the pencils and use gamsol but when it’s gone I have my baby oil to try-smells much better.

  11. I haven’t used regular color pencils with Gamsol or baby oil, but I have used Inktense watercolor pencils. I would love to try this. TFS and a chance to win too! Hugs, Kristina

  12. I love Stamping Bella Stamps! I would say 99% of the time I just use colored pencils. Occasionally I will use gamasol if my blending doesn’t work out right.

  13. I have been using my colored pencils without any gamsol or baby oil, but am for sure going to give that baby oil technique a try. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  14. I have a set of prismacolor pencils and definitely need to try these techniques. You always have such beautiful work!!

  15. Let’s eat cake! I blend with my pencils or the blender pencil. I find that I have more control that way.

  16. LOVE your coloring. Being new to colored pencils I haven’t tried either but after watching this I think its time to play a bit. Thank you for sharing your art. God Bless

  17. A fabulous card and as always great coloring. I use odorless Gamsol with Prismacolors but want to try baby oil. It’s homemade chocolate cake all the way, around here. As I said on my YT comment, I have a recipe and there is NO milk or eggs in it. Totally moist and delicious every time! TFS your Cakeabella, she’s beautiful!

  18. I’m a ‘wannabe” colorist just enjoying your fabulous talents…and learning lots. Thank you!

  19. I’m mostly a naked pencil user–enough layers tends to blend themselves but I may try this baby oil technique as it looks interesting. I’m also with you when it comes to cakes–chocolate is the only way to go! The darker chocolate the better (and I have a recipe for a chocolate flourless cake from an old cookbook that says this cake is so rich that more than one piece is only suitable to the constitutions of young schoolboys!). LOL

  20. Wowwwwwwwwweee. I was bored with pencil crayons till I went to a juried show in Florida! Looked like watercolours. After this video NOW I know how to bring them to life!! Thanks so much. i am subscribed now to learn more. I love your teaching style! Ps chocolate is good … Very good. Hugs, L

  21. I do love my Prismacolor pencils and I usually use a blender pencil, but I may have to give the baby oil a try. I’m glad to see the video, because I would have been too nervous to try the oil without seeing it in action. Thanks!

  22. Love this card. Thank you for the tips on coloring. I’m always looking for more. thank you for your easy to understand videos.

  23. I have a variety of pencils, watercolor, regular those used with gamsol. I use them occasionally. Cute card.

  24. Love your card. Im a newbie but I use Gamsol and/or a 72 CrazeArt set of pencils 🙂

  25. I have not tried the MCPT yet, but I love the look! Even bought the supplies to try it with gamsol and stumps, but have just not done it yet!

  26. I use Gamsol for my colored pencils. I love watching your videos when you use colored pencils, I’m still working on shading with them. Not sure why they are so much harder than Copics hahaha! Maybe you can do a class like you did the Copic Jumpstart Class??? That would be awesome! Thanks for sharing another awesome card!

  27. Love your card! I do color with just the prismacolor pencils and haven’t used gamsol or baby oil yet but will try it out! Stamping Bella has so many cute stamps!

  28. I actually use my pencils both ways. It just depends on the look I’m going for. 🙂

  29. Hi, I use Gamsol. I haven’t tried baby oil. I would like to see if there is a difference. Love the card!

  30. I use gamsol out nothing when I color in pencil. I love these bella cards! So pretty! Thank you.

  31. YOU ROCKED THIS ONE! I am loving the darker skin tone coloring you have done, she looks like me!! I am a huge fan and watch as many videos of yours as I can because I always learn something useful and fabulous. I do use color pencils but not that often and have purchased Gamsol but never used it(was intimidated by it) but now that I see you baby oil technique I am going to practice, practice, practice coloring with pencils more. I don’t have Prisma-Colored pencils but I do have Prima colored pencils will I get the same look using my Prima pencils and baby oil ? Thanks for sharing, really, thank you.

  32. The card looked great. However, when you added the magic secret touch it really gave it a wow factor. Of course your coloring always looks great anyway. Love that card.

  33. I find myself usually reaching for my Copics. I need to get out my pencils. When I do use pencils, I alternate between just pencil and pencil with Gamsol.
    Thanks for another great video!

  34. Just picked up my Prisma watercolor pencils, I used them at a friends & fell in love with them. I am going to check out a video on gamsol since this is the first I heard.

  35. such a cute card; baby oil is my preference

  36. Your videos are so wonderful and enlightening! I really appreciate that you share your talent. I am a regular colored pencil person and I have learned so much from you. Thanks for being so generous.

  37. Thank you for doing darker skin tones. It really helps to do it myself. I am just beginning with Gamsol. I am pretty new to pencils but I find I really like their effect and how you can do tiny space more easily.

  38. Hi Sandy. I just love your videos; yes, I’m one of those visual people, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from you! I have never used baby oil before with my Prisma-Colored pencils, only gamsol, but now I think I’ll have to give it a try. Before I “met you,” I had never tried your very light touch with the pencils, building up layers, and now, thanks to you, that’s all I do!

  39. Love, love, love my prismacolor pencils. Have not tried using either gamasol or babyoil. May give it a try as you make it look so easy. I haveusedmy colorless blender. Depends on what I am doing. The video is such fun and as always your coloring is wonderful. Love the stamping ;ella stamps. Such fun. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  40. Oh wow! She’s is so beautiful!!! Great tip using baby oil! I’m new to crafting and I’ve never seen this kind of technique but I would love to try! I like so much this effect! I love my colours pencils, generally I use the Prismacolours. Thank you for this amazing chance to win!

  41. I have not yet tried Prismacolor pencils but I have heard they are lovely to work with! THanks for this information!

  42. Great tutorial! I love using prismacolor pencils. I love that you are doing different skin tones.

  43. Thanks so much for a great tutorial. Prismas are my go to coloring tool. I just can’t invest in copics right now and have always had lots of trouble with other markets so am a little timid when it comes to markers. Anyhoo, love the Cakeabella andy favorite cake is actually a commercial mix in a maraschino cherry flavor ha ha!

  44. I use baby oil all the time with my colored pencils. It works with watercolor pencils too. :}

  45. I use odourless mineral spirits sometimes with my Prismacolour Pencils but not always. I also use the Prismacolour colourless blender pencil or my white pencil for blending on occasion. Other times just straight pencil. Depends on the texture or look I want to achieve. You taught me that it’s ok to use whatever makes us happy! Yay!

  46. I’m so happy to leArn this technique with baby oil, I just got my prisma pencils, this will be such fun! What type of paper were you stamping on to take the oil?
    YES , it has to be dk chocolate with dk chocolate icing BD cake!! Yum!!

  47. I tried Gamsol once, but apparently I’m Gamsol impaired and could never get it to work. Cute cake and image!

  48. I love, love, love my colors pencils! I try to do my blending with just the pencils themselves but sometimes I need gamsol to “smooth” things out since I’m still a newbie.

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