Sandy Allnock Luminary Advent Calendar

Hello – and welcome to a Technique Refresh that’s completely different!

No cards here. No markers. No coloring. But I wanted to create a holiday decoration for my craft room – and thought an Advent Calendar would be pretty awesome. A few years ago I made THIS one during my term as a May Arts Ribbonista…I gave that one to a little friend, and now need one for me for this year. The goal was to make a grown-up decoration this time around. I had a few ideas, but each one turned into a giant fail….and I needed to get it done before leaving for my trip. So what did I do? I turned to Google!

It’s truly amazing how much is out there on the interwebs…and I was VERY excited to find Taryn’s idea – candles? Genius! I kept trying to make calendars that would have a “to do” each day….an ornament in them, or a candy, or whatnot. But I really only wanted it for counting down to Christmas – and candles achieve that in a more grownup way than candies. (Plus candles won’t add to my waistline!)

Here’s how I did it….including some pretty night time twinkly peeks at what Christmas Eve will look like when all 24 candles are lit up. If you can’t see the video below, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

If you have plans to make any kind of Advent Calendar and need the circles that I created for this – click HERE to download a pdf.

And also – if you made an Advent Calendar this year, leave me a link…after all my failed experiments, I’d love to see what you made!

And hey – there’s a cool little plug-in I added to my blog, and it serves up some ‘related’ articles based on the text I wrote—changing them as I add text! (Very cool technology, eh?) So if you’re looking for an idea, there’s a few more here for ya. Enjoy!