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LIVE YouTube Broadcast for Watercolor Weekend!

Hello watercolor warriors! Watercolor weekend continues….let’s get rolling on day 2!

I’m gonna try this. I keep seeing emails from YouTube that I should try it out, so this afternoon, I hope you can join me for a chat! Yes it’ll be live, so you’ll want to be there at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)…..if you can’t make it, it *might* be able to be viewed later, I’m not really sure. If it’s a train wreck, I won’t save it. (LOL!)

Leave me your questions

I know some of you won’t be around at that hour to join in – so leave your questions in comments here on this post, and I’ll see if I can get to them, too!

Another watercolor post

I’ve heard rumors that Carly over at Ellen Hutson has been working like mad on a special post pulling together tons of watercolor info – lots that I’ve produced. I even heard “infographic!” Not sure what time it’ll be up but they gave me this link to share. Can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!

Share your art

Keep up your weekend watercolor practice, and use the hashtag #watercoloringwithsandy – I’d love to see what you’re painting this weekend! I noticed a bunch of folks are trying out the trees – and they look great!

Weekend specials

Be sure to check out the sale on all my favorite watercolor things! They’re in one big category – just click on the image to get to it and shop away!

8 thoughts on “LIVE YouTube Broadcast for Watercolor Weekend!

  1. Enjoyed watching your videos today. I wasn’t able to watch it live but really enjoyed it after the live version. Looking forward to seeing more.bbthanks.

  2. It’s not raining in California and we needed to be OUTSIDE today in beautiful sunshine! Sorry to have missed it…

  3. I couldn’t find it. I went to You Tube and signed in and typed in your name. Please tell me how to find the live chats for next time. Thanks.

    1. Never mind. Found the link at the top of this screen! Thoroughly enjoyed it. You make painting look so easy. I wish. I wish.

  4. Thank you Sandy for your bravery!!! I enjoyed you while you were on.

  5. how do we see it? It isn’t showing up on u-tube and there is no link on this page

    1. found it!

  6. Are we factoring in Daylight Savings Time?

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