Heya friends! I posted a little preview on YT as promised to point over to my MFT first post— here’s the video to be sure you don’t miss it…I think it’s my last snowy card for the 2019-2020 season!

Daily art x2

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been posting daily art in 2020 in a couple places! I know, I know, it’s crazy keeping up with me. But the good thing—you don’t need an Instagram account to see these.

I’ve been painting every day for The100DayProject … while they have a website, I’m just doing my own thing! My friend Lisa told me about it; she did it last year and I thought it would ba a good discipline to get 2020 underway. See my entries HERE.

My church asked me to turn some black and white sketches I have done into color, and while I can’t share the videos with you, I’ve been posting the art for each day right HERE.

My snow workshop

Yesterday, my two day workshop at Daniel Smith got started, and I have to say, I just get a little nervous for these sometimes. I still feel unqualified to teach fine art some days! I choose the workshop subjects based on something I want to learn. And since I wanted to learn to paint snow… I practiced my little heart out to learn techniques that I could teach!

This was the demo painting yesterday, and most of the students tried this one after the demonstration. (A few were brave enough to try harder photos!) I was so impressed with all of the student work… We did a critique at the end of the day, and though some people get scared about that, it really makes a difference when you step back from your art and hear everyone say “ooooh look!” I’ll post the demo painting today on insta and Facebook—today we’re doing snowy landscapes.

I’m working on dates with the store about classes—they’re mostly booked already for the year, so I may only have 1 more class in 2020. Stay tuned. 👍🏻

Coming soon?

I probably should put an! rather than a? At the end of that headline… But given that we have some snow in the forecast, I want to leave myself a little wiggle room if I need it! This past week I started working on a new class… It’ll be advanced watercolor pencil…birds! (Got any suggestions for a catchy name?) I hope to complete it to launch next weekend. ❤️

One more thing

I posted this little tool the other day on Instagram, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. I don’t know how helpful it is if you’re not making concentric circles, or trying to make a lot of circles, but it looked like a cool thing so I bought one. There seems to be several knock offs over on Amazon, the one I got is right here. (It’s on sale too.)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!