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Lil Bear Acetate Card Tutorial – plus a tour of the Hero Arts facility!

It’s finally here….the day I completed and uploaded my footage from the Hero Arts tour! Wheeeeeeeee! And of course I combined it with a tutorial on my new favvvvorite Lil Bear….is this not the CUTEST lil image? Well maybe I’m just a bit biased, eh?

The acetate card was a lot of fun….the odd swirls of light color in the photo above are reflections in the acetate on the photo…ya gotta see the video to get the full effect!

This is one of the best sentiments ever for a kid to get on a card from their mom or dad, don’t you think?

Sandy Allnock - Lil Brown Bear

And a close up of our lil bear friends….

Sandy Allnock - Lil black Bear

Hope you enjoyed this….I’ll be creating videos for the other critters soon too!


9 thoughts on “Lil Bear Acetate Card Tutorial – plus a tour of the Hero Arts facility!

  1. I look forward to my mom’s Gumbo. She only makes it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s all I eat for both holidays. You say, Gumbo??? Well I’m from LA. So yes! Gumbo.
    What a fun video to watch. You are so good with Copics.It was like watching the bears come to life. Awesome!

  2. Very nice tutorial! The new Hero Arts sets are on my Christmas wish list. It is sooooo hard to wait for them after seeing your fantastic cards! My favorite Thanksgiving Day eats has to be the Turkey and my Aunt’s broccoli casserole-YUM!

  3. The tour of Hero Arts was very informative, and the company’s stance on sustainability, safety, and the fact that it’s located here in the US persuaded me to purchase the Lil’ Hoot set. Thanks for the two videos.

    And what Thanksgiving food is my favorite? Home made pumpkin pie in a home made crust. And sweet potato casserole with pecans and brown sugar on top. And cranberry salad. Wait – is that three? OK, I eat leftover TG food for at least three days at least, so maybe giving three choices isn’t really cheating!

  4. It depends on what I’m eating at the time. I’m one of those weird eaters who eats one thing at a time. So, if I’m eating turkey, that’s my favorite until I’ve finished it and moved on to the next thing. I usually start with the stuffing, though (also has to be my mother’s), and it’s what I love to take home for leftovers. I look forward to it all. My mouth is watering…. Great cards and tutorial. I’ll watch the complete tour when I get home later. Enjoy your Thanksgiving–and your stuffing.

  5. I have to agree, I love stuffing, but it needs sweet potatoes and green beans almondine to really make it perfect! Happy Thanksgiving, Sandy. i am thankful for YOU!

  6. Excellent copic coloring lesson in your video. I am going to give it a try. I honestly don’t see myself spending a huge amount of time on coloring so this type of stamp and minimal coloring is right for me. Thanks! I really enjoyed the Hero Arts tour video as well. I like to see how and why things are done.

  7. Looking forward to making some CHA card kits
    once my cute stamps come in from Simon Says Stamp!
    Thanks for designing them!

  8. My favorite dish on Thanksgiving is sweet potato casserole! Can’t wait to have a big helping (or two!) of that stuff!

  9. Very cute card. My favorite food at Thanksgiving is the turkey and stuffing. Thanx for the coloring tutorial.

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