I don’t mean too many pages. I mean literally….too LONG!

I was shopping online for art supplies…and like all good shoppers I was trying to nudge my cart too the “free shipping” level. Sketchbooks are always one of my favorite things to add so I started poking around to see what looked fun. And I found this.

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How crazy is that!? It’s a Stonehenge 6×15 sketchbook – and I have never seen one in this long skinny orientation! I need some ideas what to draw in it, so let me know if something comes to mind.

In my video I have a speed sketch of a made-up misty valley – AND after the chatty portion, you can stick around to watch the realtime version! I know some folks want to see it in realtime, so I thought I’d try it – let me know if you watch the whole thing and it’s useful?

View on YouTube.

The sketch looks way more impressive in real life than in this tiny photo – especially if it’s on your tiny phone. LOL!


This month’s sale on classes is all the drawing AND doodling classes! I’ve actually been super surprised at how many people are delightedly enjoying the 30 Days to More Confident Sketching class; if you go to the Student Facebook Group you can see some of their work and ask about how hard they find it. It’s amazing to watch people grow that fast! The Whimsical Sketching and Whimsical Patterns classes are also a ton of fun – and easy!


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