The kid in me gets so excited by poptarts! I always loved the ones with the frosting – strawberry was the BESTEST flavor! And the sprinkles!? Gah! They know how to sell a kid on loving a product!

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Of course that meant I had to make a card with Lawn Fawn’s new Let’s Toast set – with the poptarts! And I made one of my crazy backgrounds to go with it, but it’s super easy.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Marker colors were centered around reds and blacks/greys, but you could pick your own favorite color scheme for your kitchen scene.

The action wobbler action makes the additional poptart jiggle with fun – it’s always a great way to get a card to be a toy instead of just a card.


And another video? Yep!

For those worried that I’m cutting back too much by reducing one YT video, here’s proof I’m still doing all the extras, too: my guest video will be up at Ellen Hutson’s blog in a few hours – check in later today! (Her blog makes posts live later than mine.)