WHEW! We made it! Those joining in with the #playjournal challenge – I’m so proud of you for stepping out! Winners of the 12 prize boxes are listed later in this post.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I discovered during my play time last month that sometimes…just relaxing and not thinking about anything is the most relaxing way to color….so I did. Inhale confidence…exhale worry!

If you’d like to see stills of the whole playjournal, click HERE – lots of links to the stamps and mediums used, and a little description of what was done on each panel if you need ideas to try!

Winners, winners, chicken dinners

Congrats to all these awesome peeps….click through to see all the fun things they made all month! Winners: email me using my contact form and send your address! Wheeeee!

  1. Kristin L
  2. Lorena Goodrich
  3. Sarah Phelps
  4. Sonya Badgley
  5. Shari Czerwinski
  6. Jess Pebble
  7. Brandy Moore
  8. Ruth Meder
  9. Glorie Alvarez
  10. Teri Wilson
  11. Carri Tobler
  12. Rita Spruce