For the many people who have been begging for more Bible journaling – here’s one! I’m still only posting one every 4-6 weeks or more, it’s not a main staple for me, so I’m not able to create these videos more often.

Inspire Bible Journaling, simple backgrounds

I’ve shared the Inspire Bible before…and I wanted to share an easy background technique. You don’t even have to be a fancy painter or have fancy paints – I’m using ph Martins Hydrus Watercolors, but if you can puddle paint on a palette, and if you have baby wipes – you’re good to go.Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The background can be just part of a page or a full page. If you know how to paint flowers you could add a whole garden into the green background below – or do it in blue and make a pretty sky.Sandy Allnock Inspire Bible Journaling simple backgrounds

Some of you have asked if I could swatch the colors for the Hydrus sets so you can decide what you might want….here you go! Pin away.

Sandy Allnock Hydrus Chart


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