In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)… guest post at MFT on Friday is a watercolor video featuring Mice Time to Celebrate; blog post is HERE. Video:

Sketch Series

Each day of Black History Month, I’ve been posting sketches – and learning a ton myself along the way! Follow along on Facebook, or visit the whole collection HERE.

Bible Journaling

For new followers on my blog….I have a few things that Bible Journalers may not know about:

  • A blog of inspirational posts – mostly about my mental process when journaling, but sometimes including other tips too!
  • A weekly tutorial video every Sunday morning.
  • Galleries of finished pages, sketches, and videos.
  • This morning’s video uses acrylic paint, not a common medium for me:

Snowmageddon has struck!

Mother Nature is tossing snowballs at us! Fortunately I have videos in the queue and blog posts scheduled, so even if I lose power during our snowstorms all week, you should still get content. Hopefully one loss of power (yesterday) was enough! But we have so many trees in WA that they take out power lines in storms like this when they happen. The weather forecast shows days of snow ahead!

I talked my friend into walking to church with me — we tried for a selfie with the empty parking lot behind us…..

Pups are LOVING the snow!

That’s about it for today….see you with a video tomorrow!