I {heart} Freckles.

Sandy Allnock Purple Onion Frogs2I love him a bushel and a peckle.

A bushel and a peckle and a hug around the neckle

And a barrel and a heap though he makes my heart a wreckle

A bushel and peckle and it beats me all to heckle

You bet your pretty neckle, I do.

(And if that wasn’t enough of an ear worm, try THIS.)

Sandy Allnock Purple Onion Frogs

Sometimes a lil stamp grabs you by the neckle and makes ya fall in love.

I made these 3 cards and sent them to 3 really SUPERspecial people. They know who they are. 🙂

Need Freckles? Go HERE. And then go have a great day 🙂

And my email subbies have seen this – Freckles was so full of excitement, he tried to post a few days early. All in good time, little froggie. All in good time.