I’ve seen people painting with hot beverages before – and I finally decided to try it myself! Since I don’t drink coffee, though, I ventured out – to the drive throughs – to get a regular coffee from McDonalds, and a double shot of espresso from Starbucks! I could handle making a cup of Earl Grey myself.

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I’ve got a real-time painting with some tips in the voiceover if you’d like to try this yourself!

View on YouTube.

The painting came out pretty cool! (ha. get it? hot beverage, cool?) I don’t know how it will last long-term…I only painted this recently. But I think I’ll put it in a windowsill and see what happens in a few weeks!

The texture and colors here are pretty fabulous! It’s on rough watercolor paper so it picked up some awesome edges.

I’d recommend giving this a try, whether painting flowers or some other subject matter. It smells yummy even if I’m not a fan of drinking coffee!