For today’s post I decided I wanted to try enough things that I was inspired by that I turned it into a gift pack! Multiple cards give you a chance to try comparing colors, size, scale, and impact to see what you like, all while coming out with great cards too. I’m excited to introduce you to Nikki too!  Affiliate links may used. Read more.


Nikki, known as ScrappinNavyWife/NavyWifeScraps on a lot of social media (her links are below), sent me this sweet card. I loved a lot of things about it – 1) it’s smaller than a regular card, 8.5″ x 5″….2) black white and red combo, YUM! 3) the spritz of black made me think of dalmatians… 4) the layout with the kittywompus squares, yeah baby! I perused Nikki’s blog, and saw THIS CAS design she created with the MFT elves, so CUTE! Her hummingbird and flowers are stunning on THIS card…and how pretty are THESE pastel flowers? I also found THIS card she was inspired to make from my painting…wowsa! Thank you for inspiring me, Nikki!

Nikki on social: Blog / Instagram /Twitter
Nikki is NavyWifeScraps on Periscope, but has not broadcast.

How to CASE a card

I changed up some things, of course, since I don’t have that adorable apple die. I looked around to see what was in my stash; when my brain went “dalmation” I started looking for doggie dies, and then when I saw the elephants? Oh man. Dalmation elephants were going to be it. Da Bomb dot com. (And this would work great with Bubble Talk too!) Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The dimensions of Nikki’s card: 3.5 x 5; the layer panel is 1/2 inch shorter, which left more of the border color showing. These two cards match these dimensions, and both the small boxes are 2″ square.Sandy Allnock CASEsmallI also decided to try converting the design to an A2 sized card. That means the full card is 4-1/4 x 5-1/2, and the panel is 1/2 inch smaller – 3-3/4 x 5 inches.
Sandy Allnock CASElarge

If you CASE a card, try making multiples of variations on it. Then take those variations and make more variations. Eventually you may find something appear on your desk that has never been done before – just keep pushing the envelope!

If you’d like to submit a card for the next “inspired by” video – send a card with some kind of bird on it – it can be a holiday card or any kind of bird card. Send it by Nov 30th to my PO box: Sandy Allnock, PO Box 23395 , Federal Way WA 98093


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