Happppppppy Saturday! I’m writing this blogpost at ohdarkthirty before heading to bed…gonna take me some Ibuprofen and knock off for the night. What a day…what a week! I saw Julie Ebersole post this little guy, and I totally resonate with the feeling:

Many thanks to those who came to the new little show yesterday; it’s an experiment in separating myself into the “me” Sandy and the “OWH” Sandy—OWH Sandy does OWHtv, and “ME” is…well just me as a crafter 🙂 I’m seeing more of the need to do some things as myself, as I’d love to eventually redirect my career, so I’m taking little baby steps toward that. And I appreciate your gracious indulgence of me as I figure out what all that looks like! Next one will be sometime around Christmas, probably on a Saturday.

For OWHers – you aren’t missing any OWHy news that’s necessary if you don’t do my “other” things….we did get to listen to a voicemail from a hero on the new show, because that one’s not recorded for posterity; he left enough personal info that I can’t be playing it on OWHtv 🙁 So you might miss out on stuff like that, but again – it’s not crucial announcements or anything. OWHtv will remain on YouTube and remain free, so no worries.

Alrighty, all that aside. On to my card! I’ve got a poinsettia from Holly Berry House to share today – I just love how their stamps layer so beautifully! They have a couple sizes of this flower on their site. This one has three layers all popped….and of course I can do that on my own cards, since  I’m paying postage and praying they don’t get crushed 🙂 ha. Though this one has big chunky layers, so I’m not worried about it much. I stopped at three, even though I wanted to get in and do those top layers too!


Papers are by SEI….I’m working my way through my stash of Christmas papers! I have a plan for a project to get rid of the last of it – I am NOT carrying over paper til next year. Did you know….they make NEW paper every year! Who’d a thunk it! I’m a gonna get new stuff in 2013!

Copic colors: R89 R37  R29 R24 YR16….Ribbon is by May Arts! Shock, eh 🙂 Looking at the closeup I realize I forgot to do the outside edges of the pieces with black 🙁 Boohiss! Oh well.

YT project progress: only 6 more tutorials to shoot. Then the mad editing begins….hoping to take a little cleaning break to tidy the house a bit tomorrow, and go get my Christmas tree and put up a few decorations. But I’m debating making myself wait on Christmas decorating til the video editing is done – that might give me incentive to finish and not procrastinate! Do you ever have to play games with yourself to keep on track??