And last but not least – for Holiday Scene Week #5, 6, & 7: I have THREE videos! Two are guest videos – you’ll never guess where, right? (LOL) My regular monthly guest spot for My Favorite Things and Ellen Hutson are TODAY! I’ll be using watercolor pencils in all three of the videos.

But right here on my blog it’s day 5 and we’re floating off on an iceberg away from the glaciers! Hopefully there’s a paddle somewhere off-camera so the penguins can get themselves back…they can swim but then they’d get their scarves and hats all wet, right? LOL!

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Video #5

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

All three of my cards today use Albrecht Durer watercolors – and are hopefully serving as inspiration to the students in Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart class!

I love that lil guy up on top with the star. I might have to color this again sometime and put a tree behind them!

Video #6!

Yes I’m counting my guest video over at Ellen Hutson as #6 in the series. On social media someone had suggested decorating an ice cave as the scene for these sasquatches (sasqutachii?)—so go over to Ellen’s blog or directly to Ellen’s YouTube see it!

Video #7

And then today is *also* my guest day at MFT, so that’s #8 for the week. Can I take a nap now? LOL! I’m using Merry Wishes – another bit of cuteness from Stacey Yacula!