The Copic Hex Chart is a tool you can use to improve your coloring…in a variety of ways! For only $5.99US, you’ll get a black-and-white PDF to print and color yourself, as well as a colored PDF for reference. (Note that it often prints out poorly, as printers have a hard time printing vibrant Copic colors well.)

Some folks use the Hex chart to “see” colors in a region of the chart that might blend together – colors from a different family! It can expand your view of your own colors, and you may decide to try a crazy combination you never thought about.

Others use it to compare colors before purchasing; many colors are *just* like another marker you may already have, and the simple $5.99US investment can save you countless dollars on buying markers that are just alike.

Buy Copic Hex Chart

Below is an ever-growing playlist of videos using the Hex chart. If you produce a video and share how YOU use your chart, please let me know and I’ll add it to the playlist!