Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve been enjoying all these video tutorials all week…I’m slowly learning more about editing, and am hopefully boring you a little less than I once did 🙂

The next season up to bat is winter! I made it into a quasiChristmas yet mostly winter themed card; though it has a wreath on the door, our heroes could use it outside of the holiday season. Or those who don’t celebrate the holiday could use it. Or – even more likely than either of these – this card will go to a family member NOT as a Christmas card, but as a thinking of you type….even though they send Christmas cards a lot during the season, they also like to send more cards home as ‘just because’ ones, and this can fit that bill perfectly! I also kept it patriotic in keeping with my usual Thursday AnyHero card….I’m considering making little winter houses like this with flagpoles hanging off the houses, and snow on the tops of the flagpole too!


This video tutorial nearly nailed me though. I had made the first sample card and I *thought* I kept the rest of the sheet of white-core cardstock tucked safely away. (I re-make cards when I’m ready to shoot video – so often I keep extra parts together and ready for that day). However I think I used the paper for something else between then and this week when I filmed the video! Eeep. I searched all over town til I found a store with some Holtz/Core Dinations. Phew!

So…without further blabbing, here’s the video for today!