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Hero Arts House: Summer Tutorial [video]

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve got a pretty special week planned here on my blog…I’ve wanted to do this for ages, and have finally gotten around to it: finding more ways to use the Hero Arts Right at Home set, particularly the house! Lots of you have asked me over the last 6 months to do more tuts on how the heck to color it, so….better late than never, right? (New stamp sets are in progress right now – as soon as I get some in my hands I’ll get busy on tutorials sooner!)

So since we’re still in summer, it’s time to go to the beach! I went for a whitewashed beach house, right on the waterfront – I went to Nags Head years back and this scene reminds me of the house that some friends and I had rented for that vacation. Maybe there’s not enough of the beach grasses here, but…well ya know 🙂 Copic colors for whitewashed house: C2, E00, E000; shadows C3, C1, C0; doors E31; windows B21.


I had particular fun with the ribbon embellishment; there’s so much going on I wanted it to add to the design, not overpower it, and I think it works pretty well! The May Arts jute cord strikes just the right tone for the beach.

Here’s the video tutorial….I kept it short, just showing you the most interesting bits. After you watch (and like!)—- go get beachy!

20 thoughts on “Hero Arts House: Summer Tutorial [video]

  1. I found your blog today thru Kristina Werner and I’m really enjoying all your videos; this is a real fav so far, (I’m from MA too!). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing card! I love all the details, different elements and colors. Yum.

  3. Sandy this is a great beach house card. Thank you so much for show us how to use the stamp set. I bought both sets and was just waiting for inspiration to hit me. Now I don’t have to wait. You have done it for me. :))

  4. Wonderful video tutorial….the card is great! Thanks for putting so much of your time into this. Helps everyone get inspired.

  5. As someone from MA who grew up on Cape Cod, you NAILED it! Question about sewing… doesn’t look like there is any thread in the holes? I haven’t sewed any cards yet, but you just do it for the look of holes? Or do I need to get new glasses? 😉

    1. Ha! Someone caught the secret oops! lol. I started stitching, and ran out of the bobbin (the bottom one) thread (what’s that one called? lol) halfway through. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to re-sew it in the same holes again so I left it, wondering if anyone would see it. There’s thread in the bottom, left, and part of the top. You caught me! 🙂

  6. Very nice card with lots of pretty details! It makes me want to head back to the beach!

  7. This turned out terrific! Wonder if I can color that house now? Going to try!

  8. Wow what a lovely card. What a diffrrence expert colouring makes

  9. Sandy Thank you so much for the tutorials. The house card is over the top great. I do not have copics but am learning so much about coloring Have a great 4th.

  10. This is so great! Sure wish I had a room full of Copics (even a small room 🙂 ) Teena

  11. Another beautiful card and great tutorial. Looking forward to this week’s posts!

  12. Sandy, This card is AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE it!

  13. Great job. Thanks for all your hard work. The like button didn’t work for me either.

  14. Hi Sandy, this is one of my favorite cards you’ve ever made!! It is beautiful; I love everything about it, right down to the clapboard effect on the cottage.

  15. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial Sandy! This give me another way to do this house. Paper piecing and solid coloring gets old. Oh – for some reason the like button won’t work for me. 🙁

  16. Lovely card and very helpful tips.

  17. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial.

  18. Wow! Thanks. Great job.

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