TGIF! Not sure why it’s TGIF for me since I only worked yesterday and today this week….but TGIF anyway 🙂 Have you been enjoying these tutorials? I’m stoked that Hero Arts will have more sets for us VERY soon….and I’m going to jump on doing a set of tuts like this for those when I get them. I’m not sure why lots of you have said you haven’t known what to do with the house all this time and I didn’t fix that…but now ya know. lol, no excuses, go buy the sets and support OWH! 🙂

Today we’ve got the brick house….it’s mightymighty, just lettin’ it all hang out! Oh wait. That was the song in my head while doing this one. Fortunately – not the soundtrack for the video! But this little mighty card is a square one – not something we strongly encourage at OWH, but you can do some if they fit into A2s; if we say squares are okay we get all the crafters who like to make 6x6s excited, so keep your focus on something that tucks into an A2 if you need to get some mojo going with squares. (And actually this started out as an A2; I had a craft disaster and the card got WAY over busy, so I pulled off the circle and did a simpler square card. Yep, that’s the backstory!)

Copic colors: E00 and E04 for the brick wall; E15 for the trim, E47 for door shadows; Y35 and Y00 for the windows.