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Hello lovely…Copic Flowers, Winter Whites

 Hello lovely…Copic Flowers

Sometimes a stamp set cries out and says oooooh! Pick me! Even if it’s intended to be stamped with the solid/graduated stamps in the set, I just had to color it with my Copics. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The neutral colors would be lovely for a sympathy card as well….


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

44 thoughts on “Hello lovely…Copic Flowers, Winter Whites

  1. This is so beautiful. I love the colors you used and appreciate all the tips you gave in the video.

  2. HI Sandy,
    THis card is gorgeous and elegant. I am wondering what ink and colour you stamped this with.
    Thanks for sharing your joy and expertise in cardmaking.

  3. I finally got to watch this video, and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing. You make it look so easy

  4. Love the beautiful card and the colors you did it with. Just had to buy the stamp and make a bunch.

  5. Most of the time, I watch videos to get inspiration to make something of my own design. BUT, after watching this video, I want to make this card, with these colors. WOW!. Thank you Sandy!!!

  6. Oh my that is just lovely, worthy of framing that is for sure, thanks for sharing your talent!!

  7. So elegant. This would be a beautiful wedding card with a different sentiment of course. I just discovered Concord and 9th.

  8. I just love enjoying your talents in colouring in your videos. This is an amazing card but I know if I attempted this it would be an epic fail…. I love cardmaking though as there are still many techniques that even a “no natural talent artist” like myself can do and still feel quite happy with the end results! Thanks for all you do to inspire us!

  9. Okay, just wow. A stunning card design. Thanks so much for sharing this video.


  11. Sandy, I love, love, love this card you created. It is so elegant and striking! Thank you for sharing it with us. The white gel pen adds so much for a final touch.

  12. This card is just stunning. I would love to try doing this but watercolor (no copics in this house!).

  13. What a beautiful card. So elegant. I want to try this.

  14. Oh my goodness that’s one elegant beauty! Loved watching your video tutorial bringing it to life! Best 12 minutes of my crafting day!

  15. I am in awe…. ‘Nuff said! LOL

  16. oh my! your coloring makes the card so elegant!

  17. Beautiful card and I love the color combo you used. TFS

  18. Absolutely adore this Sandy, can’t wait to watch the video I’ve had to add it to my watch list as I’m off to work now…. I know what I’d rather be doing lol.

  19. another thought: the very dark in the center background is really not noticeable at first. You really only see the focal flower, which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

  20. Just lovely. I didn’t get what you were saying at first, but figured it out as you went along. I was really glad you softened the centers of the surrounding flowers. For a while there, they were competing way too much! As for the dots, I had to look real close at the photo to figure out what you had done–I thought they might be those little clear drops! Glad you explained that. I love hearing you talk–I learn so much from you, but like lots of areas of life, it’s a process over time. For someone with no art training who is just discovering my artsy side, I generally get what you are talking about! (I have been told that I am really articulate–during a time when I felt like I couldn’t express ANYTHING well. Just goes to show you: you really can’t trust your feelings. You are doing just fine.

  21. I am so impressed with your work. I would love to take a coloring class from you! I would also like to meet you. We are neighbors. However I work with Spectrum Noir pens so it’s can be a challenge to translate from Copic to SN.

  22. I never would have looked twice at that stamp set until seeing how you made such a beautiful, almost sepia tone card pop out. It looks like a lot of work to get it to look like that, but with the video, we can always try! Thanks for the painstaking “how to”…your efforts inspire us!

  23. This card is gorgeous! Looks so realistic! Great job!

  24. Sandy, I always love your work…………BUT this one is truly OUTSTANDING and caught my eye immediately! I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. This card is a real standout! Reminds me of old embroidered napkins or tea towels that have faded over time. Results are so gentle and sweet.

  26. This card is really stunning and gorgeous. Love the colours and the stamp set.

  27. That is just amazing! Do you ever do color along videos? I’m in the middle of your Copic JumpStart class and I would pay to join/subscribe to a color along series! (If you already do this, forgive me, I’m a bit new to your blog.)

  28. This card is absolutely stunning! Beautiful beyond words stunning!! Now I absolutely HAVE to have everything you used to recreate it. Thank you for inspiration. I love your videos and cards

  29. WOW! This is STUNNING! This stamp set is on my wish list and this is my FAVORITE ❤❤so far of all the creations I’ve seen made with it. Absolutely gorgeous.

  30. Lovely! I had my doubts about three quarters of the way thru the video but you managed to tone down the centers and your dot recovery was inspirational. I often have those “oh, crap! now what do I do moments?” Great to see your way of handling that

  31. Love love love this look! Your talent is sooo amazing!! I can’t wait each day to recieve your emails and what you will be showing us. Your videos are addicting. Thank you for sharing tour tips and ideas with us ALL!!! Think I’m gonna try this SOON!!!

  32. Just bought this stamp set and I’m loving how you colored with neutrals!!

  33. Oh my, this is a real stunner, Sandy. And you are so right about certain stamps that absolutely need to be bought. My sister (to whom I seem to have passed on the stamping bug last year) and I both fell in love with this stamp set, so I ordered it (along with plenty of other fun stuff) during the Black Friday sales and I get to play with it before passing it on to my sister in the Netherlands. I think I will try to stamp it using my new Altenew warm grey inks before attempting to colour it in by hand.

  34. Wow! Beautiful coloring!! Love that you added the white on top of the brown dots! I love watching your videos. I think you explain the process as best as possible. I was wondering if you have tried Power Poppy stamps. They have such beautiful floral images.

  35. OMG it is stunning. Just jumps right off the card. This is the most beautiful card I have seen in a long time. Thank you for always keeping me inspired

  36. You said it right when you said some stamps just jump out at you and say pick me! Instantly when I saw your finished coloring I knew this was right up my alley. It is so beautiful and you did explain well the reasons for coloring this way or that on this project. I’m not very good at coloring with markers but this one makes me want to try!

  37. Totally Knocks my socks off beautiful!!!! Love It Little Lady!!

  38. This card is beautiful! So inspiring – have this stamp so going to give your Winter Whites a try. I was wondering what ink did you use to stamp the flower outline before you started your Copic coloring? Thanks for sharing your talent!

  39. I love all of your work and enjoy your videos, but this card is just beautiful. I have seen this stamp before and did not purchase. Well now I may just have to revisit it. I also love your recover of the dark dots.

  40. Beautiful card! Amazing how you can paint a flower and make it look white.You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  41. OMG gorgeous!

  42. Sandy, this is stunning. Your coloring is wonderful. I would love to be you when I grow up.

  43. Sandy – it is just mesmerizing to watch these flowers and leaves being lifted up out of the cardstock! Your talents really shine on a project like this. Love the way you added white gel pen to the little dark “freckles” and made them into dew drops! There’s a saying in card making that if you make a mistake just cover it with cardstock and move on. Now we can add, … “cover it with cardstock or white gel pen and move on”!

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