I thought I’d try a little something new. Bear with me while I explain!

In my experimenting with these Wednesday posts…I’m finding that YT viewers really don’t come over here to my blog at all. (LOL) I’d like to test out a little different approach to some of these Weds videos: creating a card blog post for card people….and let the card inspire a speed drawing or painting fine art piece on YT (or vice versa!), which would also let people know there’s a card post over here.

It may turn into a convoluted way to go about things, I’m not sure. But this gives me the heart-happiness of creating a fine art piece without the pressure of ‘teaching’ it (no voiceover), and the craft-happiness of sharing some cards with some favorite stamps.

If you’re a YT-only viewer, leave a shoutout in the comments here to let me know if you followed over here. Just so I know if giving you a card peek was worth making a related fine art video!

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The video for today is a sweet little hedgehog with a spring crown of flowers….she’s ready for Easter Sunday church, don’t you think? It’s drawn on Desert Storm cardstock with Copics, and accents added in colored pencils. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

If you’re a hedgie fan….good news: you can get a print or pillow with this piece. I ordered one of the tiny mini prints on the little stand, that is just so cute!


I also wanted to share a little hedgehog coloring with Art Impressions recent Hedgehogs stamp set – I gave them each a fun setting, of course, because – well why not?

This lil guy is lookin sharp…at himself in a dressing room!
OOPS! Poor hedgie popped his biirthday balloon!
Napping in the desert…only a hedgie would consider a cactus a pillow!

Bonus video roundup!

I’ve collected a bunch of my videos with hedgies in them….and in the supply list a ton of hedgie stamps! Collectors: I apologize to your wallet! ha!

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And I need to give you an utter silliness warning:

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Hope you enjoyed some of these older videos!

Hedgehog fans: I collected a bunch of different hedgehog stamps – some are in videos above, some just look like fun!