In keeping with my tradition for many May the Fourths – I bring you another Star Wars themed drawings!

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This one is a “portrait” (as much as one can imagine one!) of one of my favorite twitter tweeps – @darth! This red panda account is an animal lover – and also has cute signoffs every weekend, wishing everyone to be kind too each other. The photoshop skills behind this account are pretty hilarious. And @darth also hibernates for months at a time, when twitter just isn’t the same because of the absence! It’s always a good day to see @darth return!

I already apologized to @darth for not including any potatoes in my drawing…because potatoes are, well…..a vital part of life.

View on YouTube.

You can use a lot of different types of colored pencils on black paper – I chose Prismacolors for this one!

Coloring a swatch chart on black paper before starting helps to know what each color will look like….and if you have a hex chart, I recommend printing it on black, but you won’t be able to see it except at an angle. After coloring it, print the chart on acetate too, so you can overlay it and see the pencil numbers.


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