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Happy Fourth of July, Soldier Ian!

I’m so happy to be celebrating our nation’s 236th birthday! And I’ve even got TWO videos for you since it’s such a special day. This first one went out yesterday – if you missed it, please go get kleenex before clicking play! And be sure to click “like” on YouTube – and leave our Marines a comment if you like, they’ll be checking out the video.

And….as promised last week, I’ve got a tutorial for you again! This time I’ll be coloring Soldier Ian, a great little stamp from The Greeting Farm. (Note: This card was already sent to our heroes in a box, so it *did* get there in time for the celebration today!)


The papers on this card are from the astonishingly fabulous Authentique line called Glory – WOWswers is it fun to work with! There’s great papers, stickers, et al – just loving it!

Inside I created a space for a short message. This is one sent in the baggie as general AnyHero mail; my notes directly to our contacts are often more personal.

Without further ado…the video! Enjoy…and feel free to click like over on YouTube too!

A little news too – I won the Stickers by the Dozen from SRM! Woohoo! Haven’t seen them? Click to go peek!

PS By the way it looks like you guys really are using the linky thing I’ve been doing lately at the bottom of my posts – I can now track how many clicks, so it helps to think it’s worth linking up for you 🙂 You’re welcome to let any of the stores know I sent ya 😉 Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July, Soldier Ian!

  1. […] contacted them a about a month ago regarding a military-themed stamp (soldier ian) and explained why it was important to buy this […]

  2. I am glad you got the stickers. Beautiful coloring as usual – that is a very nice paper collection.


  3. Hi Sandy, that first video got the tears rolling down my face! I try to send out cards 1 or 2 times a year, saving them up as I make them. I was SUCH a joy to see the soldiers looking through the box and picking the perfect card to send to their loved ones back home — LOVED the cookie monster card, I just know a daddy was going to send that home to a beloved child and yep, here go the tears again! <3 so Sweet. I love the work you do for these soldiers. And your coloring is BEAUTIFUL too! I forgot I had that soldier Ian and now I want to color him up trying that camo texture! 😀

  4. Gotta love soldier Ian – he was the first stamp I used for our OSH cards – I did, however, make a chest surgery on my Ian stamp to make his uniform Danish and I colour his arm badge as a Danish flag – your colouring is SUPER – thanks for telling me you speeded it up – I was getting quite frustrated at how FAST you were. =0)

  5. Super wow, love this one. Would love to be able to color in the future, just don’t have the time to learn right now. Don’t know how you do it all. Do you have some super woman medicine that we all don’t know about? Want to share……LOL! Thanks for the super great job you are doing. Really enjoy the videos and cards.

  6. I 2nd what Teresa said… I want to color just like you when I grow up! Another fab card and lesson.

  7. Ooh Ahh is right, great card. When I grow up, I want to color just like you. 🙂

  8. Great card and thanks for the coloring tutorial. Congrats on winning the stickers.

  9. Sandy, thanks so much for the inspriation you are to so many …here and abroad. The coloring tutorials have been wonderful and I hope you are enjoying your week “off” though I am not sure you ever slow down!

  10. Hi Sandy. Just FYI – the linky for the Authentique Glory paper doesn’t get us to Glory. I did a Google search and went to Two Peas in a Bucket, but Glory wasn’t there, either. I’m wondering if the paper pack is out of print (i.e., an old one), or if you got an early preview and it’s too new to be on the Web yet.

    1. Darn, it was in Simon Says when I set that linky up last week 🙁 I suppose they already ran out? I’ll ask Authentique where we can hook ya up 🙂

      1. They suggested TwoPeas or Amazon, I guess it’s popular if it’s selling out all over!

  11. Sandy — you never fail to amaze me. Your card is just so cute. Your coloring is just so perfect — you do so much and you still have time to do your blog, video’s, work — how do you do it all??? You are an inspiration to me!

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