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Happy birthday, G! And a guest feature to check out

I’m featured over HERE for World Watercolor Month – some not-before-posted paintings are there, so go over and leave a comment to say hey!

It’s hard to believe….my little man is a year old tomorrow! I picked out some pics from the year to make your puppy ovaries ache a little. *grin* If you’d like to give him a birthday present, scroll on down.


If you’d like to help the little man continue his journeys in parks – please make a $5 birthday gift in his honor to SODA, Park Pals, or Grandview! He needs his parks…all the pups do!

12 thoughts on “Happy birthday, G! And a guest feature to check out

  1. Already a year old…how did that happen? He’s so stinkin’ beautiful, as is his brother. And you keep them so clean…er…maybe not always. *grins*

  2. OMG, he is just so darn cute. Look at that second picture. Now with that face you could never ever be mad at him no matter what he does – including chewing up your hard worked projects. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Giallo! Amazing how quickly our fur babies grow up, isn’t it. G is gorgeous…

  4. Awwww, he has grown into such a handsome boy!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Oh such a cute pup, happy birthday!

  6. Oh my! He reminds me of my sister’s dog who lived to be 15 years old. Happy Birthday G with many more to come!

  7. What adorable pups you have. Happy Happy Birthday sweet pup!

  8. Precious pups!

  9. Happy Birthday G! Grandview Dog Park has a small donation from us. Happy trails!

  10. I want to reach right thru my computer screen and play with him. He is adorable. Thanks for sharing

  11. A handsome boy! Wishing you many happy years! Goldens are the best!

  12. OMG how did a year go by so quickly. Such a cute puppy! You are so lucky to have such wonderful puppy parks near you to support and use. Happy Birthday G!

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