Sometimes less is more….and sometimes half a stamp is all you need!

The cool part about stamping only part of an image – or only including half an object on a canvas, for that matter – is that it gets the viewer engaged. They imagine what else is there. They’re intrigued by just what is going on there. In each of the examples in this post, I went through my stamp collection to find sentiments that would start the idea of a story going – scroll down to see a little more on each one.

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At first I only had the Balloon Bear peeking in from the bottom, and as I looked for a sentiment to go with him, I saw “Let it go….” and immediately had to stamp one more balloon up in the air as if he’d let it go!

In this version of Balloon Bear, he’s just peeking in from outside with a balloon gift….it makes you wonder if he’s standing on something, is he peeking into a door or from behind a tree? Lots for the imagination to ponder…

Fancy Hat Bear, when peeking in from the side, is a little shy. So telling her to go be fabulous in a sentiment seemed good to encourage her to step out boldly!

In another version of Fancy Hat Bear, I wanted her to look like she was throwing a kiss, so when stamping her I wiped off the eyes – and added lines instead so she could look dreamy!

Can you think of stamp sets you’d use to try some half-lea