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“Guinea Pig in a Crate” card


“Guinea Pig in a Crate” card

Create a little crate for your stamped guinea pig!  This card started with the position of this one little piggie – he had his hands (paws?) out like he was leaning on something – so I went to look up what kind of cages or crates these lil critters live in. I found some that had a grid for the top and some kind of base at the bottom…so that’s what I made! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

On this card I just used the front end of two of the piggies, and masked off one word of the sentiment with a sticky note:

And this lil guy is peeking in from the side – I pulled his little hand (paw?) out to wave hello!

Hope YOU have a great wheek wheek wheek!


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16 thoughts on ““Guinea Pig in a Crate” card

  1. Fun and adorable.

  2. These cards are so cute! My best friend in high school had a guinea pig named Charlene who would squeak up a storm whenever she saw me. Your last card really reminds me of her!
    Also, just wanted to say that I always always always learn something new when I watch your videos, so thank you!

  3. The guinea pig in the crate is the cutest card I have ever seen!! You’re creativity continues to amaze me!!

  4. These cards are so great, love the Guinea Pigs. I use to have one and he was in just a crate you draw!
    Thanks Sandy for these little peace of memory!

  5. What a superfun card Sandy!

  6. Oh my gosh – Sandy – these are the cutest stamps and cards ever! My granddaughters each have a piggy, (Moo and Caramel) so I guess I’ll have to get that stamp set!!!! Thank you so much!

  7. These guinea pigs are ADORABLE!!! I received a beautiful card (Let’s Venti) today from you and wanted to pass along a huge thank you for such happy mail – it totally made my day : )
    Thanks so much for your ongoing inspiration and great ideas.

    1. So glad it mad your day! 🙂

  8. Love those guinea pigs, they will have to find their way to my stash at some point.
    Thank you for cheering me up today with these images.x

  9. These are all so stinking CUTE! I love Gerda Steiner’s products, I have a few and now I have some more ideas to try with them. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Great cards…awesome coloring of course! Too bad guinea pigs aren’t as cute as these little guys…

  11. Always love to watch you color. You inspire.

  12. you always make me chuckle with your thoughts! this has to be the cutest guinea pigs I’ve ever seen

  13. SUper SUPER CUTE!!!

  14. So fun. Also love the sentiments on card 2 and 3.
    Here in Greece, it’s a good custom to wish each other a great week every Monday (kali evdomada) and a great month on the first of every month (kalo mina).

  15. *Chuckle* – your imagination is as wacky as Gerda Steiner’s! What a hoot – or wheek, as the case may be! Cute card – lots of good tips, as always – I didn’t know you could add more colored pencil on top of the gamsol. That may come in really handy one of these days! Thanks for everything you do!

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