First, the guest spot – my monthly venture over at MFT has me playing with pHMartins Hydrus watercolors and some darling little critters. (BLOG and YT VIDEO)


I love giveaway days! And today I’m revealing the names randomly drawn by a friend of mine – we printed out slips with them all and she drew them from a hat. (Yes that took forever with hundreds of comments….next time I’ll be back to using LOL)

But in all honesty THANK YOU for all your amazing comments both on the blog and Youtube and social media…..hearing of YOUR accomplishments really made me just so warm and fuzzy inside! I love knowing that we’re all on this art journey together!!!


Huge thanks to the good folks at ARKON for offering a prize pack! The lucky winner …..drumroll:

Joy Dsouza
“Congratulations on 100,00 subscribers! You are super talented and totally deserve it. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.”

Email me with your mailing address and I’ll get that over to ARKON to send your prize! (and I hope you can use it, if not let me know and we’ll swap something else out for you!)


I also have TEN classes given out…..the comments are included here which might help the correct people identify themselves. Winners should first set up an account at so I have somewhere to add the class, then email me with the desired class – be sure I know the email you’ll be using for the account. Congratulations!!!

  1. Janice
    “Congratulations Sandy. Stay humble and continue creating. Love your videos. Love all your hats and your dancing.”
  2. Barbara Kohn
    “Congratulations Sandy. I joined you years ago for OWH and have always been amazed at your beyond gifted talents…you are a creative genius and funny as all get out! Thanks for generously sharing  all your  tips and ideas!
  3. Sheila B
    “Youve made me realize that I don’t have to just be a fine art artist, or just a card maker. I see you make easy peasy cards, and the next time, create a watercolor snow scene, and then those portraits!! You can do it all!!!!Thank you for sharing your many talents with all of us❤️❤️
  4. Ms K Walker
    “Well deserved I have learnt so much and can’t wait for your videos to be posted to see what’s next”
  5. Donna leclere
    “I love your videos and enthusiasm and look forward to improving my artist talents (of which I currently have very little of). Thank you!”
  6. amy
    “SO many congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. I cannot even imagine having 100,000 people following!! But perhaps the real accomplishment is the people you have inspired to learn and to explore their own creativity! It’s WONDERFUL!! If I win I will start my blog and YouTube channel! I may be 66 but I learn and grow everyday!! And if I don’t win I will continue to have a blast every single day in my craft room – making cards and sending these little bits of joy to everyone I know!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Sandy!!!!
  7. Isabel
    “Congrats on reaching such a wonderful milestone! I loved the video especially that hats and dancing–go girl!
  8. Kat Loftus-Marek
    “Congratulations! Thanks to you, I am willing to try coloring and I am no longer afraid of shadowing with my copics.
  9. Nancy
    “Sandy You inspire me and amaze me. To reach this Milestone is a well deserved achievement. It makes me very happy every time I see the notification that you have posted a new video. I never know which medium you’re going to use or what great art piece you will create, big or small. I share your love for animals, so I’m pleasantly surprised when is a video showing Vienna and Giallo enjoying the park, mud and all.  Thank you for sharing so much of your talents and I enjoy a  lot your sense of humor.
  10. Stacy Hannon
    “Congratulations to you and to everyone for reaching their milestones!!! I absolutely LOVE the super fun video and the rad dancing at the end! Much Love and Respect from North Carolina”