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Guest post – making multiples of Christmas cards!!


  1. The closer we get to Christmas, the more I know some folks are panicking.
  2. I can only make multiples if they’re all at least a little different. And….
  3. Ellen asked me to write a post about the “Sandy Allnock Bundle” that she sells in her shop – it was assembled for one of my watercolor classes (and heavily discounted – $64 SAVINGS!!!!)…and the price is still discounted!! 

…so on Ellen Hutson’s blog and YT today, I’m sharing a fun way to both learn more about watercolor AND make luscious card backgrounds all at once! It’s way easy and fun – and includes a little surprise video inside the cardmaking tutorial video while we wait for paint to dry….a pup painting!

Hurry up pup and go watch the video!


2 thoughts on “Guest post – making multiples of Christmas cards!!

  1. Gorgeous cards! Love the simplicity & the spectacular colors!

  2. The colors are amazing. I always think of watercolor as being kind of faded but these are gorgeous. That Technique Tuesday stamp set has some great Christmas sentiments too. And oh that pup…he’s so cute and I just love that you used bright happy colors for him.

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