I’m guesting over at Ellen Hutson’s blog with a little video and post full of kitties over HERE…go check it out! The sale on pencils is still on, so take advantage if you need some pencils to color with.

Updating subscriber profile

And also – I’m in geek mode. And something I thought I’d try, since I’m a firm believer in only sending you the stuff you want to receive. In that vein….

I’m going to try starting a monthlyish newsletter.

I say monthlyish because, you know me, I’m not 100% sure it will be exactly on a consistent day. But for those who want to keep up but don’t subscribe because they don’t like being overwhelmed with email, it might be a good option. Keep me in your feed reader, then get a monthly newsletter that’ll include:

  1. The top posts since the last newsletter. I’ll pick those by which ones get the most blog and YT comments, so help your newsletter buddies out and leave comments!
  2. My favorite post that month. Just in case it’s not the same one as you guys pick.
  3. Puppies. Because, you know, puppies.
  4. Other things of interest – like my vlogs or guest posts or other interesting things that happened lately.
  5. Who knows what else….news, tips, I don’t really know yet! Might be updates about the new website. (Which happens to be really close.)

If you’re already a blog subscriber….

….then you are already on the regular blog posts list. You can add yourself to the monthly newsletter list using the form in the sidebar. If you want to remove yourself from the regular blog posts list, then leaving it unchecked MAY work. It also may not, I’m not sure – but you can always go to the bottom of the blog post email and click update subscription preferences to de-select that one.

If you’re not already a blog subscriber…

Please use the form in the sidebar.