I. Am. So. Excited.

This is a long labor of love….and I hope my new education site will make life easier for you in taking classes!

  1. No more dealing with class emails getting lost in spam.
  2. No more struggling with separate passwords for each class.
  3. No more losing emails about how to get to your class!

My new site (a companion to this blog) will be the place for classes now  – and you’ll have ONE account, ONE password that you can change whenever you want, and your classes are available to you without having to wait for emails!

If you’ve purchased one of my classes, or signed up for the monthly newsletter list at the new site, please know you’ll get another email or two from me today. Not trying to spam you, just trying to get the word out to everyone!

What will I do without all your crafting videos on this blog?

Nothing will change here, as far as I know! I plan to continue with my Monday/Wednesday/Friday videos, and once things settle down will get back to vlogs too.

What about classes I already bought?

You’ll have access to those classes on the new site.

  1. Just log in using the same email as you used here, click “forgot password” so you can add a PW.
  2. Then once you’re logged in, go to the BLACK BAR at the top of the page and click on “Your Classes” – and your purchases should be there and immediately available.
  3. If your email doesn’t work, please try any alternate emails you may have used at the time of purchase. I used what I had as the most recent information for you.
  4. If you CHOOSE to, you can still use the email with link and password that you got for the class you bought. But – I recommend hopping over to the new site, it’s much easier to view there!

Any new classes I should check out?

The Copic Hex Art class is finally available! Last year I travelled and taught this one and it was SO popular – 42 techniques to make a beautiful hex art piece to frame in your studio. (If you were a student last year and signed up on the list, you should have an account with the new class available to you free, as we discussed in classes.) Watch the video preview below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

What should I do first when I get to the new site?

I’d recommend logging in – see instructions above (or create a new account if you’re not yet a student). Update your profile by clicking on the “your classes” link in the black bar at the top of the page….add an avatar (you may have to do so via a computer, not a smart device). Check that your expected classes are listed and that they work correctly. Email from the website if not.

Then poke around!


Visit the blog at the new site and see all the info about the grand opening – including giveaways and how to qualify to win a free class or a pack of stamping goodies!