It’s our third GOTCHA Days – happy Gotcha Day, Giallo and Vienna! I remember those two days like it was yesterday. One arrived on Sunday, the other on Monday, and my life changed in a FLASH! Watch the video to see the first little footage of the two of them wrastling like mad – they haven’t stopped since! Read more of their story later in this post.

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The scene is from their favorite park. And I’m pretty sure they’d love food bowls there – that would make it even more perfect! V loves to jump fences there…she’s my leaper, so I figured she had to be the little flying hero. G is not realistic here, just sitting in front of the food – he’d be snarfing, not waiting!

Copic colors used….

This little card will be on IGTV….have you seen the videos there yet? They may not have voiceover but they’re fun to watch – and short.

The colors for that one….

When finished, I cut the sentiment from the set in half (GASP!) and stamped it in two lines, then crossed out “DOG” and wrote in “COOKIE”!

The story of our gotcha day(s)

I had wanted a baby golden, and looked alllll over for months for them at shelters. Uhm nope. Nobody gives up goldies! I ended up getting suggestions for some good breeders, this one is in Oregon. I drove down and met a litter of pups one day, and that was the day that one pup got rejected by his prospective owners. I asked why – and she said he’d be a “busy” pup—he was just always looking at other things, not paying attention, and was the littlest, scrawniest of them all. Well I couldn’t have that. No one is gonna reject an adorable pup!! He was ready to come home a week later, and I started prepping.

Before I’d gone down to the breeder, I had looked online for other dogs too, and was wondering if I really should get a golden; after all, all those other cuties needed homes! I fell in love with a pic of my Vienna; she was scrawny and sad, her eyes were hollow,…and I just wanted to hug her! I had gone into negotiations with the rescue group in Texas about how I’d get her here, and suddenly that fell through – a local family wanted her, and I didn’t want her to go through a flight if she had a family who’d just take her. So I proceeded with the trip to the breeder, I met G, and committed to him on the Wednesday before I picked him up.

Once plans were made and payment completed for G, and I planned to drive down Sunday to get him – I got an email that Vienna’s local home fell through, and they could put her on a flight on Monday. I could have said no at that point, since I had already arranged for G. But I didn’t want V to be rejected twice in a row – she needed a home. She was maybe 6-8 months old, and I figured the two pups might be good buddies for each other, so….I worked through arrangements to fly her out to Seattle.

That meant Sunday afternoon I came home with one dog…and Monday afternoon I picked up the other! As you saw in the video, they started the wrestling right away – and our little crazy family has been nutty ever since. But in the best kind of way!