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Gold Mist Metallic Shaker Valentines


On this last day of the old year, when things might seem to be winding down in a dull way…I thought I’d add some gold mist metallic sparkle and shine with my project and nudge us into the new year on a good foot!

Gold Mist Metallic Shaker cards

A few weeks back I shared some new gold watercolor paints with you…in a couple comments, people mentioned their hope that I had saved the water that I used. Well of course I had already done so, and spent a few weeks “reducing” the water to increase the proportion of shimmer in the water. (I show how I did that in the video.) And now that it’s all been reduced and put into a mister, I’m here with a video for you! You can watch below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

Isn’t that just THE coolest? The paint set might be a little pricey, but you get use out of not only a little paint to make something shimmer – you get to use the water too! Here are stills of all that shimmer and shine.

Sandy Allnock - Gold Spray Shaker Valentine2

It was a little challenging to adhere this second one; I carefully added more stamp runner adhesive to the back, wiping off a few spots where it peeked out of the x’s and o’s. I followed that up by sticking the insides of the o’s back into their places – all worth the effort in the long run!

Sandy Allnock - Gold Spray Shaker Valentine3

Just LOOK at all that gold mist metallic shine. Mmmmm!

Sandy Allnock - Gold Spray Shaker Valentine4

And in other huge news….guess who reposted my squirrel? I don’t think I’ve ever had thousands of likes in an hour! Wheeeeeeeeeee………

I’ll be back tomorrow, not with a video – but with my top 14 cards from the past year! It might take me all day today to figure it out and put the post together but I’m excited to crunch numbers and find out what was most popular! Be sure to pop on by. I’ll have a special treat tomorrow too!


Gold mist metallic anything has got to be on everyone’s love-to-create list!

14 thoughts on “Gold Mist Metallic Shaker Valentines

  1. Oh Sandy. Your cards are just so amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey and all that you’ve taught/shown us. Thank you so much for that. I look forward to any & ALL of whatever you have coming in the future.

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  3. Great shaker card. I love that the entire card isn’t the actual shaker. The gold is amazing. Love your videos.

  4. Cute shaker card and I love how you recycled the gold paint water. Great tip. I really enjoyed following your blog this year and I learned so much. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for 2015. Happy New Year, Sandy.

  5. Gorgeous shine!! I put those mica watercolors on my wish list.

  6. Really cute card. I’m adding the Finetec to my wish list!

  7. Hi Sandy,
    You said the Finetec watercolor is OK for OWH. I have many Twinkling H2Os that I’m afraid to use for OWH. What luck have you had with them as far a glitter factor?

    1. It’s all about what rubs off – so see what happens after you use it. Part of my mind is wondering if the ironing has heat-set that gold in place, I’m going to try something and not iron it and see if it rubs off.

  8. Love the gold & red Valentines – and that squirrel is AMAZING!

  9. What a cool looking card, Sandy! Love how you added just a tiny square for the shaker portion – so fun! Happy New Year to you!!! ♥♥♥

  10. Beautiful card!

  11. As always, AMAZING,! Thank you so much for the spectacular inspiration throughout the year!

  12. Those are wonderful! Thank you for all the tips here, from shaker cards, to the watercolors shimmer that is OWH safe. So much going on here that makes it so cool! 🙂

  13. Love You, Sandy! And your gorgeous cards, that gold shimmer is luscious and your card design impeccable as always! Thanks for the video!

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