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Day 3: Go for the Gold: Make Gold Papers

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Make Gold Papers

We’re on Day Three of Go for the Gold class.…are you having fun yet? By the looks of the student work so far, the answer is yes! It’s time to get just a little bit messier today….for those who love mixed media, this one’s going to make your little palette knife sing!

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Make Gold Papers

While Ferro has a lot of applications and possibilities – I discovered it could solve my desire to have glittery papers on hand any time without having to have paper stacked up waiting to use – I can make just what I need with what’s in a little jar! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Ferro comes in a variety of colors – I chose two of the most vintage colors, Old Gold for the reindeer, and Amber Gold for the sentiment – which is a little more orangey. I just love how they look together, and in combination with the pretty reindeer and sentiment dies from Impression Obsession, I liked how this one worked out!

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Make Gold Papers Ferro

The Deco Sheets by Tim Holtz are a nice quick solution to the desire for glitter paper. They’re thin, adhesive-backed, and come in a mixed pack of colors. I found them pretty easy to work with, and was glad to find 4 gold and 4 silver sheets in the pack.

Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold Deco Sheets

The American Crafts POW Glitter Cardstock comes in two-packs of 12×12 sheets. The cardstock itself is pretty thick; I wish I’d known how tough it was going to be to diecut such a delicate die, oops! But you can learn from my mistake, and just use a simpler die. One like this would be much better. And know that this paper “leaks” – just a little bit. Not bad, but if you don’t like ANY glitter to come out, stay away from this one.Sandy Allnock Go for the Gold AC Glitter CS


I’ll be at a watercolor class with the amazing Anna Mason today – we’ll be painting THIS it really a beginner class like they say?? –  so I’m not sure what the scope schedule might be. But listen for that little sound!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the wording to go directly to the item.  Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.


51 thoughts on “Day 3: Go for the Gold: Make Gold Papers

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  3. Once again, another great class. Fantastic cards. Ferro is new to me–another product to check out. Thanks.

  4. Never thought of adding water to the paste or applying it with the distress tool. Great tip on making a background with the leftover. TFS

  5. Nice job.

  6. You got me hooked on Brusho and I’m having such fun!

  7. These are so elegant – can’t wait to get my order from Ellen Hutson!

  8. I was able to make 1 card and I did this background. I didn’t have the Ferro so I did it with Inka Gold. It looks awesome! Thanks for the idea, I am making more

  9. Beautiful card. The brusho is so versatile! You keep giving us more ways to use it!

  10. Brusho and paste would not have come to my mind. Looks lovely.

  11. Gorgeous and love that deer image. If I ever get the supplies I will love doing a few of these ideas.

  12. Learnt so much and love all this awesome gold bling and shine! A lot of new products to add to my wish list too tfs x

  13. Love it! This is a more than one time watch to learn the technique. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am rewatching the videos from the week. My question is this – what is/are the differences between the ferro and the modellier paste from day 1? Are they both water soluble? I’m wondering because I am a new crafter and trying not to spend a fortune on supplies!! LOL Appreciate all you are doing for us. Jeanne

    1. The ferro breaks down with water while it’s wet, but the modelling paste doesn’t really. The water on modelling paste protects your stamp from getting stuck in it 🙂 The ferro is also gritty and are much darker colors (more vintage), the modelling paste is a very bright shiny color! Sunday I’ll be posting a wrap up with more side-by-side color comparisons overall.

      1. Thank you for answering my question. I posted it again just now on today’s Go For the Gold lesson on utube…. right before I checked back here for your answer… so obviously there’s no need to repeat your answer there. I’ll be checking in all day today for Periscopes AND of course watch tomorrow for the wrap up. THANKS again for all of your comparisons and sharing. Jeanne

  15. You are an excellent instructor and hope you continue to do these types of classes from time to time. ~M~

  16. Wow! Stunning backgrounds, you make it looks so easy with paste and brushos!

  17. Sandy, you are such a great teacher! I’m loving the shine in all the various forms and materials.

  18. Really appreciate how you also include different products comparison for the class. Love your simple designbut stunning effect on all three options thank you for the inspiration!

  19. So pretty! Love the background too.

  20. Great class and card! I appreciate your comments about the different products, such as one paper is thicker and trickier to die cut.

  21. Beautiful. I love seeing the compassions on video. Makes it so much easier to decide what works best for you. Thanks for doing this Sandy and your cards are beautiful!

  22. Another awesome day! Thank you! Paste and Brushos – cool idea! xxx

  23. Great work Sandy!
    FYI………………..your question on Day Two about gold embossing powders…check out Judikins Tranluscent Gold embossing powder…I’m sure it is the color you are looking for and it is more opaque than the name infers. My favorite because of the true gold color – not brassy at all!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  24. Sandy, that second background is oh-la-la!

  25. I have not heard about the Ferro or Brusho product before. I am glad you have such a good comparison of the products. Great cards!

  26. Your card today is beautiful!! The paste you used looks really easy to work with. Thank you for this great class today!!

  27. Great idea and absolutely beautiful cards!

  28. I didn’t think I would like the brusho products but the more I see you create beautiful things the more I think I need this in my stash of supplies. thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I know I need to play and create more stuff, but it is a little hard to do during the day and when I get home from working all day I just don’t get into my room and do anything (it’s probably because I don’t pick up after a project – and it is a little messy in there). we will see if I can work on that a little bit.

  29. Beautiful!!!!

    So glad you didn’t waste all the ferro left over. I’ve never used that product but I do the same thing when I use perfect pearls. 🙂

  30. What fabulous ideas, Sandy … the Brusho/Ferro backgrounds are awesome! Anita 🙂

  31. I place my order with Ellen on Sunday and they are on the way. Then I gathered all of the “gold stuff” I already had and today I am making cards. Love your class, never thought that I would be making Christmas cards this early. Thanks for the motivation. I do have a question. I only see the “linky” on day one. Is that where you want us to post all of our cards?

  32. So many of these products are new to me. But, I have some idea for putting together some things I have on hand to at least create something from your inspiration! Thank you for another fun filled class!

  33. I love your class. I am having fun watching the videos. I was glad to see you use something I actually have in my stash today. I got some of the Tim Holtz glitter paper from Michaels. It says on the package that you can ink but I tried distress ink on it and it didn’t work. (Maybe they mean different kind of ink?) this makes me want try out some more dies with the gold.

  34. Lovely cards, Sandy! What did you mean when you said to be careful because the cardstock “bleeds?”

  35. I really love the background paper you made today. Great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration

  36. Lots of great ideas! I hadn’t heard of several of these products before. Great to see them in action and decide what I’d like to try!

  37. Another great video, Sandy! You are the best!

  38. Love the way you show alternate ways to make those cards. I love the shine, and gold makes it look so expensive.

  39. Lovin’ your class, Sandy! You are truly amazing and such an inspiration! Incredible how the ferro surfaces through the brusho paint. Have fun at your watercolouring class. I couldn’t resist buying Anna’s book from the UK a while back plus some W&N paints. Haven’t checked out her website yet.

    1. Anna’s class may be for complete beginners, but I’m pretty sure my first piece of art isn’t gooing to look anything like Anna’s apples. Guess I’d better start practising paint thicknesses first lol.

  40. Thanks for the side by side comparison of gold substraits. I think now that I will use the Tim Holtz glitter paper since I have no patience when it comes time to remove die cuts and the gold is still pretty! The mix of Brusho with Ferro is so interesting how the gold comes up through. Will be using this technique over and over. Thanks so much for this amazing workshop.

  41. Gorgeous cards!
    love all the glitters and gold…

  42. beautiful cards! I’ve seen Ferro out on the market but didn’t know what to do with it. thank you for sharing
    stamping sue

  43. Great tips on using these gold goodies! I e never tried Ferro Or Brushos. I will try the Ranger glitter paper. I don’t use my glitter paper stash much because it “leaks” as you say. Love the mixes of golds on your card, beautiful!

  44. Your cards are beautiful. Thank you so much for your explanations and tips and tricks with these products!

  45. My goodness, I must admit I never would have thought of gold paste, water and brusho. It truly is lovely. I hope you don’t mind, I told about your class on the MFT FB page. You’re using their products, after all, and I thought — well — why not share….

  46. Another great class! I have an email that my Ellen Hutson orders have shipped so I’ll be getting my gold on by the weekend! Thanks Sandy for doing such a comprehensive review of the gold products out there!

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