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Day 1: Go for the Gold: FREE cardmaking class!

This class is no longer interactive, but you are welcome to view and learn from this content anytime!

Welcome to the Go for the Gold class! I’ve been working on this for the better part of 6 months…and I’m delighted to share it with you now!

This FREE cardmaking class is filled with 7 days of inspirational gold cards….pastes, paints, pens, lots of my favorite things to play with! The class doesn’t cover every gold item out there, or every shade of it available….you may already have similar items in your own stash, too. But I hope some techniques will get you excited to kick off the fall and winter cardmaking season!

Kicking off the class with some #crafttruth!
Watch below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Sale is over.  For this week of class, I’ve also coordinated a sale on most of the items I’m using in class. YAY, right!?!? Save 15% on every in-stock item in the Go for the Gold category only! Shop today through Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 (midnight Pacific Time) and save. Upon checkout please type in the following coupon code: goforthegold  – Not valid on prior purchases and cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

Day one post write up is HERE – below is the video:

Why all the holiday cards so early? The samples in this class are fall and winter seasonal cards, since those holidays are staring at us down that long tunnel…(only 13 weeks til Christmas!) BUT we need to get some of these gold products in our hot little hands now, because if they ship when temperatures freeze, the mica in some begins to break down or change consistency. Some get goopy, others get watery, others separate….so I wanted to help everyone order them well before winter arrives. And with global warming knocking us around, that could be sooner than we expect!

Go for the Gold FAQ:

  • What does it cost? Nothing! It’s free!
  • Where do I sign up? No need to sign up anywhere. Posts will be here on my blog and YouTube channel!
  • What supplies do I need? Some of the supplies you may already have at home! Almost all the supplies I used are gathered into a category HERE at Ellen Hutson. To make it easier to find things, they’re divvied into categories. Each daily blog post will list the items used on that card.
  • Is there a discount on supplies? Yes! 15% on everything in the category HERE from now until the end of class. Coupon code goforthegold!
  • Will the class remain available forever? Yes! It’s part of my blog and YouTube channel so you can come back any time.
  • Are you sure it’s free? Yep!


Each of the 7 days, the lesson posts will be linked here. If you’re a subscriber to this blog, you’ll also be receiving the posts by email; if you’re a subscriber on YouTube, you’ll potentially receive the video by email too. This is for easy reference!

  1. Day One: Ornament Card / video
  2. Day Two: Crackle and Spray / video
  3. Day Three: Make Gold Paper / video
  4. Day Four: Liquid Gold / video
  5. Day Five: Twinkling Lights / video
  6. Day Six: Shiny Beeswax / video
  7. Day Seven: Golden Brush Pens / video
  8. Go for the Gold Wrapup – with comparisons of all golds used, side by side

Playlist with all videos; they’ll be added as they go live

It’s Your Turn: #goforthegoldclass 

Now it’s time for YOU to join in the fun! Qualify to win a prize (list below) by linking up your own NEW mojo creation below. Use one of the ideas in class to create your own card!

Prizes: Winners are listed HERE.

  • 4 packs of stampy goodness…winners chosen randomly from among participants! One entry per day max.
  • 1 pack of stampy goodness to a random commenter on ONE of the participant blogs!!
  • GRAND PRIZE of a $50 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson!
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday October 4!

[in linkz no longer available]

130 thoughts on “Day 1: Go for the Gold: FREE cardmaking class!

  1. The class was awesome and soooo inspiring! Thanks so much!!

  2. Thanks so much for this class. I actually have 3 different shades of unopened Ferro gold in my stash (for a couple of years now!) and thanks to your inspiration, I have now cracked the seal on two of them and gooten crafty with them!

  3. Thank you for everything! Loved your videos and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! I hoped I linked my card right. I have never done it except on Splitcoast Stamper.

  4. Again Sandy – thanks for all your work creating these classes! I had a blast doing my homework 🙂 Great job!

  5. Thanks for all the videos and tips!! I’m so thankful that you are willing to share like this, now to find the time to try a few of the go for gold ideas!! God Bless Vicki

  6. Wonderful series, so many extra little “tips”. Thank you so much.

  7. Imagine a Free up to the minute and timely card class. It is fabulous………thank you.

  8. Love the cards. Like the acetate better. I have wink of stella but they look somewhat the same. Will definenity try this as I have some die cuts that would work somewhat like yours. Thanks for sharing and love the cards.

  9. I didn’t realise we could link up – will scurry off to my craft studio now! Have had so much fun and loved all the awesome blinged/blinginess this week, thanks for all the fantastic tutorials and for the work you do to share with us – it’s above and beyond what others do. TFS Karen x

  10. Thanks for the free class on a real computer that I can get by e-mail. being electronically challenged, I can’t submit a card or do Periscope. Thanks for thinking of us “older folks”.

  11. Thank you soooo much for the wonderful class and for making it free for all of us! Loved every minute of viewing your posts all week. 🙂

  12. This has been an amazing class. Than you sooooo much!

  13. Thanks sandy… so much… i love the choice of stamps you pick to make a golden pow to the gold color… awesome!!! thats you… its like a dream to know this class is for free and that is so generous and kind to us all…may you continue to be blessed with inspiration and rainbows:) just for your continued generosities:) love to you, glow!!! glow goes for gold… LoL… i dont have my scanner right now but i will be using it in about a weeks time.. i am home with my family in between but my scanner stayed behind!!!

  14. […] think I just said you about the Go for Gold class hostes by Sandy Allnock over at her blog! Go and check all the details and how it functions. I love […]

  15. I am really enjoying these classes. A BIG thank you for offering them for free. Thanks also for the inspiration!

  16. Boy, you hit the nail on the head with the three most common mistakes that crafters make! Love your class!

  17. Oh fun! I hope I can find time to participate! I found some lovely gold paint at a thrift store!

  18. what a fun idea! i had no idea that gold stuff doesn’t like cold!

  19. […] totally hooked on Sandy Allnock’s free class this week called Go for the Gold.  A million different kinds of beautiful rich ways to use gold products in upcoming holiday cards. […]

  20. Your card is so beautiful and elegant. I have become inspired to use your new techniques in upcoming cards I wan to make. Excellent job

  21. Sandy, just watched the “3 mistakes” video and I am Amen-ing all 3. I recently have made myself miss 2 Online Card Classes (which I LOVE!!!) because I realized that I was watching more than I was making. I also realized that my best work, the work that satisfies most, isn’t the work made in response to a class assignment or blog post, however inspiring it may be. My best work is done when I take a stamp set or any other supply and put it through it’s paces. Try every single thing I can think of that uses it. And one idea sparks another, and another…. and I am proud of and satisfied with the result. And it’s MY work, not a copycat.

    I would add 2 more ‘mistakes’ to your list. The first is a corollary to the Buy Good Tools principal. Stop thinking that you have to have it ALL and have it NOW. Take it slow and learn your own style, buy what you will really use. And the other mistake I see is valuing tools and techniques over craftsmanship. I can own every stamp and die that is out there and 16 different kinds of ink and media and all the pretty storage organizers in the world, but if I cut crooked, fold sloppy, stick it down cockeyed…. it takes away from the result. Bringing that sense of craftsmanship and practiced skill to our work COSTS NOTHING and makes a huge difference to the finished product. To me, that sense of craftsmanship is one crucial difference between little-c crafting and making Art.

  22. Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work to bring a FREE class! So very kind of you! 😀

  23. Thank you for the class. How fun to see new techniques!

  24. Thanks for the free classes. This card is so creative, easy to do and just Beautiful! Love GOLD!!!

  25. How generous of you to create this free series. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and dose of inspiration. Your work is beautiful.

  26. Thank you for sharing your inspiration! LOVE the way you colour everything!!!

  27. A great way to use hearts at Christmas!

  28. just watched the video from the three most made mistakes…well I do number 1 and number to pin things..but also make things..when I am so tired pinning things makes me happy…but you are so true…I could have done something ..created something too in that time…and I think that would even made me more happy!
    I do collect things..having all those sweet stamps makes me so happy too..just holding them….but also using them….but oh my still need to use many for the first time yet….only stamped them in my map so I keep track on what i have and how it handy when I need a certain image or sentiment…
    Thank you for opening my eyes Sandy!

  29. hi Sandy..thank you so very much for this Free class..loved the first video…loved the matching nails too!
    always good to hear your voice..and get inspiration …
    look forward to the next lessons!
    greetings Holly.

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  31. Sandy, you are like a dose of artistic spirit. Every time I watch you, You inspire me and enthuse me to get crafting. This is a great technique and I want to give it a try…like right now! 🙂 Thanks for the classes. I’m looking forward to the rest.

  32. Well Sandy, I’m leaving some love – bundles of it! Thanks so much for developing this series of online classes. As for offering them free of charge – WOW! Loved Day 1 and I can’t wait to see more.

  33. Beautiful Card. Great idea with making a card and gift in one.

  34. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to make these classes for us. I’m confused about what I can use as embossing paste. I love the technique but haven’t tried it yet because I don’t know what to purchase to make it happen. I know stencils and a palette knife but then the paste ?????? You are such a wonderful teacher, I’ve learned so much from you. I’m excited to see what you have in store for the next class.

    1. There are lots of different pastes, and most all can be used with stencils. It really depends on what look you want to get. I’ll be showing a couple things this week that might help!

  35. Hi Sandy! I’m GUILTY of ALL 3 of the “mistakes” you mentioned (blushing). Thank you SO much for the free class :-D. I LOVE your blog & videos, I’m learning SO MUCH!

    I don’t have a blog, YouTube channel or instagram account. How can I play along with the classes?

    Thanks again!

  36. Loved the Day 1 video and the beautiful card with the ornament!

  37. LOVE! As always you are so generous with your time and knowledge. Had a major chuckle over the 3 mistakes…I’ve committed #1, although I’m getting better about that one…#2, yup have tried to make do with cheaper supplies…doing better on that one although I’ve just written off some things, since I can’t afford ’em or just plain won’t pay for ’em, such as Copics. Love to watch you use ’em though. #3 NOT GUILTY, in fact I need to be a bit more #3…totally unorganized…but I make things everyday. I get downright grumpy if I can’t get into studio for some reason. But I’m the only person in the world who could find anything in there, just ask my hubby! My problem is when I do clean/organize it…THEN I can’t find anything! LOL. Will get down there tomorrow and see what I can come up with go with today’s class. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

  38. This is solo amazing Sandy! I am guilty of buying, organizing, and watching blog videos! I promise to make something this week and post!! Yay Sandy, thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Thank you so very much. This free class is just wonderful. I love the card and the techniques. I will be playing around this week, because, I am an artist and I can create! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, your insight, and your art.

  40. Hail to Sandy!!!! That’s MY name also.

  41. Great class. I am looking forward to your sessions.

  42. I’m going to give these techniques a try! I am also guilty of the three “common” mistakes! Sheesh!

  43. Oh my word, Sandy! I feel as though I’ve just won a lottery in finding this!
    Thank you so much for your generosity & sharing spirit!
    Bev Gerard

  44. Thanks for the week of classes, Sandy. Today’s card is stunning. Great idea to give an ornament with the card.

  45. Lovin’ Day 1 of your GofortheGold week. Can’t wait to try the craft board ornament. Yea! I actually have some of that. Love the way you combined the hearts. Thank you for the hours of prep work for this class. You are awesome! I was convicted by your 3 most common crafter’s mistakes. Especially guilty on one count!!! I am an organizer and I have to have my household tasks done before I play or have no peace.

  46. Sandy!
    A big thank you for offering your great class! Day one card gives me tons of ideas!

  47. I just placed a not-too-small order over at Ellen Hutson’s! and clicked the link here on your blog first! I almost forgot to put in the goforthegold code!

  48. Sandy, Thank you for sharing this first card making tutorial! You created such a beautiful card and the Gold cream is an awesome product!

  49. Oh, Sandy! Thank you for the ‘golden’ advice! I am taking it all to heart

  50. Definitely going to watch all of the videos in this class. Thank you!

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