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Day 1: Go for the Gold: FREE cardmaking class!

This class is no longer interactive, but you are welcome to view and learn from this content anytime!

Welcome to the Go for the Gold class! I’ve been working on this for the better part of 6 months…and I’m delighted to share it with you now!

This FREE cardmaking class is filled with 7 days of inspirational gold cards….pastes, paints, pens, lots of my favorite things to play with! The class doesn’t cover every gold item out there, or every shade of it available….you may already have similar items in your own stash, too. But I hope some techniques will get you excited to kick off the fall and winter cardmaking season!

Kicking off the class with some #crafttruth!
Watch below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Sale is over.  For this week of class, I’ve also coordinated a sale on most of the items I’m using in class. YAY, right!?!? Save 15% on every in-stock item in the Go for the Gold category only! Shop today through Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 (midnight Pacific Time) and save. Upon checkout please type in the following coupon code: goforthegold  – Not valid on prior purchases and cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

Day one post write up is HERE – below is the video:

Why all the holiday cards so early? The samples in this class are fall and winter seasonal cards, since those holidays are staring at us down that long tunnel…(only 13 weeks til Christmas!) BUT we need to get some of these gold products in our hot little hands now, because if they ship when temperatures freeze, the mica in some begins to break down or change consistency. Some get goopy, others get watery, others separate….so I wanted to help everyone order them well before winter arrives. And with global warming knocking us around, that could be sooner than we expect!

Go for the Gold FAQ:

  • What does it cost? Nothing! It’s free!
  • Where do I sign up? No need to sign up anywhere. Posts will be here on my blog and YouTube channel!
  • What supplies do I need? Some of the supplies you may already have at home! Almost all the supplies I used are gathered into a category HERE at Ellen Hutson. To make it easier to find things, they’re divvied into categories. Each daily blog post will list the items used on that card.
  • Is there a discount on supplies? Yes! 15% on everything in the category HERE from now until the end of class. Coupon code goforthegold!
  • Will the class remain available forever? Yes! It’s part of my blog and YouTube channel so you can come back any time.
  • Are you sure it’s free? Yep!


Each of the 7 days, the lesson posts will be linked here. If you’re a subscriber to this blog, you’ll also be receiving the posts by email; if you’re a subscriber on YouTube, you’ll potentially receive the video by email too. This is for easy reference!

  1. Day One: Ornament Card / video
  2. Day Two: Crackle and Spray / video
  3. Day Three: Make Gold Paper / video
  4. Day Four: Liquid Gold / video
  5. Day Five: Twinkling Lights / video
  6. Day Six: Shiny Beeswax / video
  7. Day Seven: Golden Brush Pens / video
  8. Go for the Gold Wrapup – with comparisons of all golds used, side by side

Playlist with all videos; they’ll be added as they go live

It’s Your Turn: #goforthegoldclass 

Now it’s time for YOU to join in the fun! Qualify to win a prize (list below) by linking up your own NEW mojo creation below. Use one of the ideas in class to create your own card!

Prizes: Winners are listed HERE.

  • 4 packs of stampy goodness…winners chosen randomly from among participants! One entry per day max.
  • 1 pack of stampy goodness to a random commenter on ONE of the participant blogs!!
  • GRAND PRIZE of a $50 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson!
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday October 4!

[in linkz no longer available]

130 thoughts on “Day 1: Go for the Gold: FREE cardmaking class!

  1. Sandy, is there a code to get the 15% off?

    1. Yes, goforthegold 🙂

  2. Woo hop! I can’t think of anyone better to learn more about making cards from than you! So much of what I do know is from watching you. Thank you so much for this class!

  3. What a great class:) Thank you for sharing, cannot wait to see the rest of them:)

  4. Sandy, I’ve said before and say it again…You are awesome!! and generous with your talents and time offering free classes to make us better artists. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  5. Thank you Sandy, I learn something new everyday!

  6. Sending you love, thank you for inspiring all of us “artists”

  7. Thanks for the fantastic lesson. Question for you: what is the difference between the Dleicata and the Brilliance gold ink? I have Brilliance and am wondering if it as good or not as shiny?

    1. I don’t have the Brilliance, but maybe I’ll pick some up and test – did you see the video? Does that show you how shiny it is?

      1. They are both pigment inks. However, the Delicata has mica in it and it so much more shiny for your ink budget than the Briallance ink is That is my opinion on the two. ~M~

        1. Thanks for the input! I havent tried the Brilliance.

    2. Hi Kristen,
      The Delicata ink has more of a sparkle to it. It’s a brighter gold. It’s a pigment ink that should be used on a porous surface and it is embossable (but appears a little duller if embossed). It will not dry naturally on slicker surfaces. It will smear on photographs.

      The Brilliance ink is a faster drying ink – and was designed to dry naturally on surfaces such as vellum and photographs (without heat-setting … just allow extra drying time). When working quickly, it can be embossed as well – but don’t wait too long 🙂

      And you didn’t ask, but I’ll throw it out there … if you want to stamp on a shiny surface such as acetate, glossy cardstock or a painted surface (picture frame, etc.) use StazOn Gold ink. It comes in a kit (and a little more expensive). The bottle of ink needs to be shaken well (be sure to read and follow the directions), and then applied to the inkpad. It’s also a very good gold. But it works best on non-porous surfaces.

      Good luck and Go-for-the-Gold!

  8. Love the vidoes you share. Always inspiring and as you said just need to practice more

  9. Sandy, I’ve been in a dark area and you just made it brighten up and turn GOLD! This is so kind of you, no, it is beyond kind, it is Sandy Allnock being Sandy Allnock, and being a breathing, living, and honest example of her convictions, morals, and faith. Thank you (now to stop the tears of joy I have running down my cheeks.) I am always calling peeps artists who state they aren’t good. She will probably hunt me down, but Kathy Rac constantly states she is “no expert” omgeeeeee her talent is off the charts and along with you, a person I aspire to color like. Also, been looking for that die you used on that paint background with the blow flowers that had hearts punched out. Love ya for doing this class! i’ll shut up now. Thanks you ~M~

  10. I would love to participate, but I don’t use a blog or any of the other stuff. I just have never gotten into it. What about those of us who live under rocks, how can we participate too? Oh and you are such a lovely person, you make me smile from ear to ear evertime I watch you. I really appreciate everything you do to teach us new things. You have helped me grow so much in my own Copic coloring it just amazes me! Thanks for the lovely prize offerings. I hope to get to join in.

    1. If you can post a pic to Pinterest, you can link to that!

    2. Hey mousebaby (luv your handle), I’m in the same boat as you – don’t have a blog just a YouTuber. I’m going to try Pinterest as per Sandy’s advice and I hope you give it a go too. Good luck!

    3. In my humble opinion (from experience), t’s worth it to just bite the bullet and create a blog on, There are just too many things you can’t participate in with only an email account. Blogger and I’m sure there are others, but Blogger is free and useful for times like this. It’s not like there’s a requirement for how much you have to post. Once you create the blog, it’s yours forever 🙂

  11. Thanks for a great time! I am looking forward to your next class~

  12. I’m about to watch the first class…I just wanted to let you know that mistake #1 is probably the one that hit me the hardest. I have a friend that also tells me that ALL the time. I guess I need to embrace the fact that if I make something, I’m an artist. Thank you for the kick in the pants! 😉

  13. Sandy
    Thanks for the free classes! I loved today’s idea!
    Also your three tips for card markers , what a great pep talk!!
    I love it, thanks for being so generous !!❤️

  14. Awesome first class, Sandy! Thank you so much for sharing this series with us at no charge…You are so generous!

  15. what an awesome first lesson. Do not have that cream but will be buying it soon. Love the class and the great inspiration you gave us for a beautiful card.

  16. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks!!

  17. Thank you so much for the (free) awesome lesson!

  18. Sounds like a lot of fun
    and great instructions!
    Carla from Utah

  19. LOVE this so much, inspiration overload!!!

  20. Stunning! I just love your work Sandy! I already have this year’s holiday card on the assembly line, but this project made me briefly consider a change. Nope – but a great idea for next year. A suggestion: sign the back of the ornament. About half of my ornaments are hand made and I treasure each one! Even if they don’t match my tree color sceme, I display each one somewhere in my home.
    PS: Thanks for the three tips. Yikes – guilty, guilty, guilty. See ya later, time to make some changes ’round here!

    1. Lots of the techniques have year-round application too, so no worries! And yes signing the ornament is a great idea, and dating it!

  21. Whoops. I might be artist number 3. I am a collector and organizer. I have always said that. But I do love to use maybe half of it. And it seems to work so much better if it is labelled and in a cute container lol

    1. Robin, I’m with you there!! I’m a fanatic for labeling/color charts, organizing by ‘type’, etc. Makes me waste LESS time looking for stuff, not having to re-punch an image to see if it fits, and watching too many videos is ‘lessons being learned’!

  22. Can I tell you that I love you or would that be weird? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this awesome class. You amaze me every time I watch anything by you and I learn TONS. You are so generous to do this for free. I would have paid!!!

  23. Were you talking to me? Wonderful words of wisdom. Can’t wait for more!

  24. I love leaning new things. You do some amazing work. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I can’t wait for the next class.

  25. The ornament card looks so simple but very elegant because of the gold. I will make one myself. Thanks Sandy for the free class.#goforgoldclass.

  26. got my gold paste from EH and ready, set, go for the gold!

  27. Thanks for the class. I love the way you have used the dies. Great idea. Beautiful card.

  28. Mmmmm! Gold! Thank you Sandy.

  29. I just left a comment on the youtube post, I adore this class!!!! I learned so much in such a short time. You’re generosity with you knowledge is so very appreciated!!!!! Ok, I sound like a groupie. I feel like a groupie….YAY!!!!

  30. What a great idea to have two gifts in one! Beautiful card and gorgeous ornament! Thanks for this fun (and free!) class.

  31. Awesome first lesson, Sandy! You rawk!!! Thank you!!!

  32. Thank you Sandy! Love your class and can’t wait to not just think about it but to do it!

  33. I can’t wait to get started.

  34. Looking forward to your class! Loving your advice!!

  35. I loved your peptalk Sandy! Yes, you’ll get an “Amen” from this sistah 🙂
    ” I am an artist… and this artist will head up to her stamp room this afternoon for some stamping time”. Thanks Sandy, we all need a little peptalk now and then!

  36. Good start to a week of gold! I love gold on cards, etc., so will be avidly watching your class. Thanks.

  37. You are AWESOME Sandy for doing this. Oh I can’t wait to get started. Getting some coffee in my system then Going For The GOLD!!!

  38. Delightful and generous! Love to watch you

  39. I thino your 3 mistakes were spot on. Thanks for all you do.

  40. What a fabulous first class, thank you so much. I can’t wait for the rest of them! Thank you for all your hard work putting these together and sharing them with us!!!

  41. I love gold and look forward to learning about some new products and how to use them!! Thanks for the FREE class.

  42. Beautiful card/ornament! I’m going to love this class!

  43. Sandy, awesome first class and I’ve already learned a few tips from you! I’ve already left a YouTube post under your “3 Most Common Mistakes” video so I don’t want to repeat here. Just know…..THANKS FOR YOUR GENEROSITY WITH THESE CLASSES. I would love to make some cards for the “goforthegold” challenges but I don’t have a blog and I’m not computer savvy. I’m only a YouTube subscriber for almost all of the Card Divas. Anyway, see you on the next tutorial Sandy!

  44. This sounds like fun…can’t wait to get started.

  45. This is so exciting Sandy!! I’m sure you have worked super hard on this and I know everyone out there appreciates it more then they can say. I know I do!!! Thank you so much and I look forward to the next six days!! Yay!!

  46. You are awesome! THANK YOU!

  47. Fabulous. Thanks for the class. Love all the gold!

  48. So exciting. Thanks for the hard work.

  49. The store site isn’t working for me to shop

    1. Ok order in,Got it finally.Class was awesome Sandy,can’t wait for more.Your turning me into a card creating addict,hehehe.

      1. did you find a code to get the 15% off?

        1. It’s in the post, goforthegold

  50. Major squeal/Kermit flail going on here. I would PAY for this class. It’s so generous of you to provide it for free. I am thankful for YOU.

    PS I have a fall card going out in the mail today to your PO Box. Sorry to have run so late-hope it arrives by your deadline.

    1. OMGoodness I am squeeling and flailing with you. WOW. This is so so generous of her. I love her spirit.

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