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Giveaway, Card Drive, new Copic classes and SALE

H’lo everyone! Just popping in to let you know a few things going on….links below the video:

And THANK YOU for all your support on the Harvey fundraiser and card drive. I decided to give the max that I had planned to give, even without enough comments, because, well ya know. I love to give! Where did I choose? I gave my $1000 to Vets and Vets Hurricane Relief. They’re veterans and veterinarians – and they left yesterday for Houston. They’re pairing up with another group, Rescued Pets Movement, and one of the things they needed desperately is a commercial washer/dryer – just think about all those soggy doggies and kitties! I’m pretty proud that I’m helping them – because, you know, my little guy is a LOVER of baths and water and towels. I’d love it if you can join in with me and give a few bucks – it’s not tax deductible because they’re just people going down to the Gulf to help. But let’s help them be successful!!

My kids helped me write to all the police and firemen…

9 thoughts on “Giveaway, Card Drive, new Copic classes and SALE

  1. Hi, Sandy- I’m Marisela and I live in San Antonio, Texas, where we were spared 17 inches of rain. I have several good friends in Houston and other affected areas of Texas so your kind gestures mean a lot. Thank you so much for the beautiful cards and inspiration that you bring to so many people through your God-given talent, but for the BIG heart that you always show in times of need. May God bless you for it! =) I keep working at my watercoloring…I’m getting better. No where close to you, but I try. =) Marisela

  2. WOW…you made the Penny Black stamp come alive. I just love this card and want to thank you for sharing beautiful cards every day. Your color choices are exactly what I would choose. This was very inspirational for me. TFS.

  3. Sandy – Thanks for making me aware of this great organization. I just made a donation. Like you, I’m a lover of animals and know they need all the help we can give them!

  4. I donated to the Austin Pets Alive. They are close enough to have saved over 800 pets so far, and close enough to try to reunite the pets with their loving families. It just breaks my heart.

  5. Thanks for sharing the links Sandy, you have a beautiful soul, I’ll join the card drive!

  6. You are just such a bubbly person, love your classes and inspiration. I am donating through local drives in New Jersey. Take care

  7. Your cards for your Copic classes are fabulous! You always inspire me. 🙂

  8. I decided to donate to the Texas Diaper Bank.

  9. Sorry you didn’t get the amount of comments you were expecting. Never to soon for Christmas cards I started mine a couple of weeks ago and am stalled due to other projects. Your kids help as well as mine do, as a matter of fact, my one used his tail to create his own art on a card I had left out to dry. Life with pets can be entertaining to say the least.

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