H’lo everyone! Just popping in to let you know a few things going on….links below the video:

And THANK YOU for all your support on the Harvey fundraiser and card drive. I decided to give the max that I had planned to give, even without enough comments, because, well ya know. I love to give! Where did I choose? I gave my $1000 to Vets and Vets Hurricane Relief. They’re veterans and veterinarians – and they left yesterday for Houston. They’re pairing up with another group, Rescued Pets Movement, and one of the things they needed desperately is a commercial washer/dryer – just think about all those soggy doggies and kitties! I’m pretty proud that I’m helping them – because, you know, my little guy is a LOVER of baths and water and towels. I’d love it if you can join in with me and give a few bucks – it’s not tax deductible because they’re just people going down to the Gulf to help. But let’s help them be successful!!

My kids helped me write to all the police and firemen…

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