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Gimme some skin! #copicskin colormatching

Skintone video, YES! This one is the completing the coloring of Hope, the Prima Bloom Girl…it’s in parts, spread months apart.


In the past month, I asked people to post pics on Instagram for me to do color-matching with skintones. I then looked for images that looked at least a little like the person, and created these fun comparisons below. Go to Instagram and search the #copicskin hashtag – as well as following me – and pick up a few options for colors. There seems to be an infinite variety of color combos, so get creative with your selections!

Mypinkmexico’s kiddos are lit very differently, but I gave it a shot: girl – YR000 E93 V20 boy – E00 E21 BV00
Chitra01 – R0000 R000 E70
2014-08-12 08.01.59
chelacreates – YR000 YR31 E31 E25


queenpreneur – E93 E53 YR27, then edded some R85 and R83 to add the pinkishness back in


2014-08-12 07.53.12
i2bz2w8 YR30 E21 E23


lorispedofox - R00 RV000 V12 V93 - though the lighting is very harsh, this could be wrong!
lorispedofox – R00 RV000 V12 V93 – though the lighting is very harsh, this could be wrong!
lia_lt's nephew: E01 E00 R11 E93 BV000
lia_lt’s nephew: E01 E00 R11 E93 BV000
scheeenny - YR000 E01 V20
scheeenny – YR000 E01 V20
mzdanajoy - E51 E53 E55
mzdanajoy – E51 E53 E55
jennshurkus - E000 E11 RV01 RV93 + Freckles RV93
jennshurkus – E000 E11 RV01 RV93 + Freckles RV93
1busyb - E00 E33 V93 R11 R000
1busyb – E00 E33 V93 R11 R000

To everyone who is pictured as a colormatch here: send me your address and I’ll send you the stamped image as promised! (Contact me link is in the menu bar on the blog.) I’ll be posting the colormatch lists onto these Instagram photos, so they’ll be there for future reference (search #copicskin); if more people post photos, I may (or may not) choose to do a colormatch…and only the ones in this post that were sent in time are included in the giveaway of these colored images. Others would just be for fun!


26 thoughts on “Gimme some skin! #copicskin colormatching

  1. Sandy…you don’t need to be told this but, YOU ACED THE SKIN TONES. Your just a cute little colorists,

    1. Aww shucks, thanks!

  2. You nailed it. Beautiful coloring and tips. Thans for sharing.

  3. Amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  4. I am such a fan and have been practicing but have a long way to go. You are really inspiring.

  5. Wow! you are amazing with your color combos. they are so great!

  6. Thank you! This is fantastic. Really appreciate the time you took to help us with skin tones.

  7. Hi Sandy, Thank You! for the #copicskin tips and tricks shared with us. Love them and I do wish to get there someday. I was hoping you could shared your colouring tips for skins and hair with Prismacolor pencils sometime in the future? I’ve always felt that colouring with colour pencils without a blending medium is more challenging compared to alcohol markers. My colour combinations never really worked and I can never get the streaks to disappear completely too. Sigh.
    #prismahairnskin perhaps? *fingers crossed* Thanks and keep inspiring us!

    1. Try the class over at OWH, there’s some pencil over there.

  8. Wonderful post on skin tones, Sandy! Loved all your comments and the great illustrations you made with the colic colors on the SSS blog. Super job!!

  9. Sandy you are an amazing colorist! I do not get tired of seeing you color with those copic markers! Can’t wait to take a class from you on August 30th!

  10. Sandy, you are so amazing. Wow…you did an awesome job with the skin tones and finding images that resembled your photos. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  11. Wonderful tutorial on ethnic skin tones. You’ve done an amazing job with these, Sandy. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for giving us the color combos, too. What a great addition to my Copic coloring book! No more guessing or struggling with combos…I’ll just refer back to what you’ve shared here. And lastly, I cannot thank you enough for selecting my photo to color match. I just LOVE how it turned out. Oh! And what a sweetie you are for giving each of us the colored image! I’m looking forward to receiving mine. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  12. Wow, these are all fab, you are super talented!

  13. They are all so awesome! You actually managed to pick a stamp that matches my nephew’s personality too. He’s a very loving but HIGHLY mischievous little guy, so the cupid is just perfect. Thanks so much for letting us participate!

  14. Very interesting video, and love all the models and cards you made from (and for) them. I love how you come up with the shading colors – some I never would have thought of. Thanks for sharing your immense talent, and I will see you next weekend in MD! Woohoo!

  15. Absolutely amazing…the photo with your coloring put it together for me. I must also add that I have felt like a spoiled child, waiting for the blogs that are now fewer and farther between. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed them until they were not sent as frequently as before. What a lot of work you have done for so long. Thank you for sharing so much talent. You have helped my cards improve exponentially.

  16. Super job!

  17. Thank you for this tutorial. It was so fun to see all the different colors you used for the skin tones. I want to try the violet trick. It looks fabulous!!

  18. Love this tutorial on skin tones using Copic markers. Thanks so much! You make it look so easy, but I find it a struggle.

  19. Sandy! The skin tones are incredible! I don’t do Instagram so I couldn’t send a picture but it looks like you got a good variety of tones. Wow! I look forward to your emails each day. I have taken a couple of your classes. Do you think you will do a skin tone class? Thank you for being so generous in sharing your talent and knowledge.

  20. I wish I had your eye! You matched those Copic skintones to your models so well!

    I love your little black and yellow card. But I am partial to that color combination and POLKA DOTS!!

    I like both of the color combinations you used for “Hope.” It is fascinating how changing the colors can add such different characteristics to images.

    Once again, you are a Master!

    1. ANd thank your for the PDFs. You are very generous to share with all of us!

  21. I just found you on You Tube two days ago and quickly subscribed to your videos and your blog. Today is the very post I gotten…Wow! First off, Each and everyone of your models are absolutely beautiful and stunning. Beautiful skin, beautiful smiles, beautiful eye. Your renderings are amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  22. Beautiful way to showcase different skin tones on your lovely models as well as demonstrating your amazing artistic talent.

  23. Amazing coloring of those skin tones. And what treasures for your wonderful models. 🙂

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