I captured some fun road footage so you can see the New Hampshire countryside…and then some lovely waterfalls in Flume Gorge. If you’re ever in the area, it’s totally worth a visit! Watch below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The location was New Hampshire; I drove around for 2 days looking for moose and fall leaves (found none of the former, a few of the latter!). For the dashcame footage in this video, my camera was balanced on the dash with a banana holding it still – that’s all I had in the car that would hold it in place! So don’t worry, I was driving safely!

I’ve also been making Periscope broadcasts while gone – check the craft demo videos from yesterday HERE quickly, they’ll be disappearing within hours (they only remain for 24 hours)!! There are still a few more than those left over on katch, so you can still watch the video from painting in the Flume Gorge for the rest of today. But those’ll mostly be gone tomorrow.

Watch LIVE Periscopes – with your web browser!

If you’re not able to use the free Periscope app on your phone (download on itunes or google play), then I’m excited to tell you that you can now watch my scopes LIVE on the web!! *Note: web users can’t chat or give hearts, but *can* watch live! So bookmark this new Periscope Page page, then stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter later today; all phone app users will get a phone notification, but I’ll give a few minutes warning on my other social media that a Copic demo is going live from my class. See you then!