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Copic Frisket Embroidery Tutorial

What the HECK is Frisket Embroidery? Are we sewing on cards? Nope! I’m so glad you asked, because I’m really excited to show you how I made this gorgeous dress in today’s video! I used two types of masking fluids (also known as friskets) to create masked patterns to create a fabric on a stamped image that looks like embroidery! At least that’s what I think it looks like. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to name techniques? lol!)

In the video, I show you two brands of frisket, and these way cool bottles that will now be holding my Multi Matte Medium and some other liquids, since it’s got such a nice tiny nib! Love love love it. If you can’t view the video below, please click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube.

As a bonus, I included another card in the video…I wanted to see what a flower might look like using the frisket doodling…so I tried a couple types of lines:

Sandy Allnock Frisket Flowers

Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the picture or wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

If you create a dress like this with frisket, let me know – I’d love to see what you create!

35 thoughts on “Copic Frisket Embroidery Tutorial

  1. Love this! I have this stamp and it is one of my favorites. That being said, I have used it a lot! But not this way…thank you for the inspiration…gotta go stamp and color! LOL!!

  2. Love both your cards

  3. This yet another technique I will have to play with, thank you. I do like the Prima dolls and have most of the collection. The use of frisket on her dress is amazing and I’m thinking about how else I can use it in my card making and art journaling. So many possibilities and so little time!

  4. This is AMAZING! Thanks for demonstrating this technique. I definitely want to try this in the future!

  5. This is so awesome. I had some frisket but it was all dried up when I opened the jar, but now that you’ve given me new ideas, I may actually have to get some again.

  6. Gorgeous! TFS!

  7. What a beauty! I love prima dolls! You did a great job. I have friends that ask me – what am I going to do with my tags? Love them of course!!

  8. The flowers are amazing and I can’t wait to try this with other mediums as well. LOVE frisket.

  9. […] And there’s a video below with the Julie Nutting doll, and I just noticed it’s over 3,000 views so I guess folks liked it!….Enjoy it below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube. If you want to see the blog post with supplies – click HERE. […]

  10. What a gorgeous project! I love your coloring! You are so inspiring! I just might have to give this technique a try! 🙂 Nancee

  11. Very pretty image and love how you made it so detailed.

  12. Beautiful card!! Makes my heart go pitter pater! Love all the details you put into this card too. I actually have frisket so I can give this a try!!! Thank you Sandy!

  13. Absolutely stunning! The details on these cards are amazing!

  14. WOW!! This technique looks so fun!! I am now going to see if the frisket I have is still viable. I have one of those fine line containers I bought to put silk die in and never used. Now I want to drag it out and try this technique. It looks like so much fun. Thank you for the video. Your projects are STUNNING. I love the texture of both!!

  15. Love the card. It’s amazing how something can come to life like that. Beautiful!

  16. I think it’s spectacular!

  17. I am searching for words to praise this project. I am speechless. Really. Anything I say will be a pale shadow of how I feel about your work on this piece. I can almost feel the texture of the material of the dress, and hear it rustle as she swirls across the dance floor. Spectacular.

  18. So very well done!

  19. I am speechless! But I will try … the dress is stunningly gorgeous! Looks like real fabric. You teach so well! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  20. Your talent and creativity is beginning to scare me. 😉 I wonder what its like to live inside your head. YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

  21. All I can say is WOW!

  22. Beautiful card and great video. Love all the texture and detail. TFS

  23. ” I saw it in the window and I just couldn’t resist it” I can’t wait to try frisket.

  24. Just love this card! You did a great job with this and it is a new technique that I have never seen done before. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Just Amazing! Capital A. How DO you think of all these things?!

  26. Sandy,
    I think the term you are looking for is Batik….you’ve “Batiked” your cards.

  27. Love the cards. The embroidery is awesome very neat.

  28. That Prima Doll image looks so amazing, Sandy! LOVE your awesome coloring! And the flowers look really cool! ♥

  29. WOW!! Her dress looks amazing!! I’m always in awe of your coloring skills but this frisket embroidery is fantastic!! The flowers also look so cool and the masking adds so much to them.

  30. I don’t even know where to start with this one! I literally felt like a child sitting and watching something in total awe. That dress is drop dead gorgeous and the use of the envelope wrap was a great touch to the card. I will be anxious to hear if the little bottles with the tiny nibs work well w/ Multi Medium, as it has become one of my favorite new things. My question of the day, (since it seems like I have one for almost all of your posts lately,) I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t color over heat embossed images because it will ruin your nibs on your Copics. Is this a bunch of “huey” or is it true & if it is true, will coloring over the frisket do any damage? Thanks Sandy.

    1. Don’t color over heat embossing. But friskets don’t seem to do any damage. 🙂

  31. Gorgeous! I love my Julie Nutting dolls but have trouble using them for cards as well. Great video Sandy. Thanks!

  32. Great job as always enabling us. I see the embroidery look. Love the sequins you added to the top of the dress.

  33. —– Such a beautiful card. Love all the details. I am signed up for one of your classes in Maryland and I can’t wait!!

  34. I don’t think it looks like embroidery at all but it is absolutely gorgeous. You did such a great job with the shadows on that skirt!!!!

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