I’m always delighted when the fun girls at A Blog Named Hero come a-calling….they love their Hero Arts, as do I! I saved this card especially for their 12 days of Christmas…because I knew I could do up to 12 in a choir if I needed to! (At least I’m on day 4….12 would be a lot more masking!) And there’ll be a project from Michelle there too that you won’t wanna miss!

Four Elves a-Jingling

The Lia Griffith Elf mini stamp set is tooth-hurting cute. One of the things I love about it is the heavy lines – they allow for more contrast right away just by stamping, and for anyone who tends to go out of the lines – thicker lines are more forgiving! I got out my Inktense pencils, which I’ve been playing with a bunch lately; I took them on my Thanksgiving break and we had a right jolly old time! But let’s get on to the card now…you guys have things to do, so I don’t want to keep you too long! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Pencil cases

I thought I’d chat a little about the pencil cases too. I discovered something when I went to write up this blog post…the one-band versus two-band cases aren’t as clear as I had thought. Geeesh! I bought them both in-store, and once I got a case with two bands, and bought the identical case on another trip and came home with one band. It’s not a HUGE difference, however – two bands takes a wee bit of fighting sometimes to get the pencils in. I find that my sharp pencils (with this sharpener) stab into the fabric band. Easy to solve though, just insert the pencil in the center of the two pencils already in that band, and nothing will catch. But I dunno how you control which bands you’re getting. Unless you go for the canvas ones – they have all been one band thus far.

Who’d a thunk I’d be writing this much about pencil cases?

One other tip I showed in the video – flipping the zipper down to get the pencils out. Discovered that and it made using cases a lot easier. And since I know someone will ask, I put my pencils in color order, which, for Inktense, are generally numerical. Generally. More info coming eventually on that when I do a giant post comparing a bunch of brands of watercolor pencils. (Need to shop first. After I see if Santa saw my wish list! lol!)

Sandy Allnock - Inktense storage

Inktense pencils are sold in singles as well as sets, if you want to have a few to add to your collection to try! I used 0410 0700 1519 0230 1220 and 1210. Go check out A Blog Named Hero’s post f0r today – there’s more inspiration from the fabulous Michelle – go check out her blog too, I’m gonna bet you click the subscribe button. #justsaying


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