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Faithbook Series 3: Brusho Grizzly Bear


My Faithbook art journal pages might not be your typical art journal pages…but I. am. having. fun!

Brusho Grizzly Bear Painting

Ever since I started playing with Brusho a while back (see THIS POST if you need more product info), I knew there were amazing things to be done with it. Just seeing the Brusho Secrets website was enough to get me excited! I finally had to get this page underway, late one night when I couldn’t sleep; the hymn and the bear wouldn’t leave me alone til I completed it! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Fortunately I remembered to turn the camera on…because, you know, yeah. The number of times that I try something and didn’t expect it to turn out and it did? Hmm. Well, we all got lucky here!

Sandy Allnock - Brusho Grizzly Bear

And for anyone who’s upset that I added the lettering and journalling on top of my bear – remember that now I know how to paint a bear. I can go get a giant sheet of watercolor paper and paint a huge bear! Wouldn’t that be amazing!?


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the picture or wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

36 thoughts on “Faithbook Series 3: Brusho Grizzly Bear

  1. OMG!!! I ran across this Youtube video while watching the 2016 xmas tags series. From the first time I saw you use Brusho I’ve wanted. After seeing this GORGEOUS watercolor bear I now know I MUST HAVE them. This bear and how you finished it with the words and lyrics is inspiring. I would love to have something like this framed and displayed in my home. TY for this video!

  2. […] On Periscope today, I shared in one video how I made the watercolored background by first painting the Mica then adding Brusho and spritzing with water. In a later broadcast, the testing of a few gold paints: Finetec watercolors, Kuretake watercolors (the set of 36 containst 2 golds), and Kuretake Mica Watercolor. Then some of the Dina Wakely birds were embossed in Stampendous gold, then sprinkled with Brusho too. If you need more info on Brusho, check out this Brusho post, and the Brusho bear post too! […]

  3. I am in awe! What a treat to see a bear come to life on your page. I cannot imagine being able to accomplish that with the type of medium you used. I may be able to get fireworks, if I tried, but certainly not a bear! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. I truly enjoy watching you create!

  4. Unbelievable! You are so talented. You totally inspire me.

  5. Your bear looks amazing, Sandy. I don’t have time right now to watch, because it’s past my bed time, but I cannot wait to see the process. I already knew you could paint with these Brusho’s, but i have not yet seen it done live.

  6. WOW!!!!! amazing and jaw dropped to the floor!

  7. Oh gosh! it is absolutely amazing! You’re so talented! thank you so much for sharing with us this beautiful piece!

  8. Sandy, it blows me away how you can visualize a bear by starting with sprinkles for eyes, moving paint around and “getting the look of eyes”. WOWZER! Same for the nose and then who would think yellow chin under that! Did you have a picture beside you or was this just in your head? Did you start with this gift of perception and ability to draw when you were a little girl or did you take tons of art classes where you practiced eyes and whatever you call it to get the size of everything just right before your gift blossomed? That is an awesome drawing!!! I’m off now to sprinkle and see what I can come up with. LOL

    Now I can’t wait until you do some Christmas Backgrounds with Brushos!

    1. I had a bunch of bear faces from google up on my screen. But I’ve done tons of wildlife drawings all my life.

  9. Amazing, Sandy! I would NEVER have thought you could use these powders for such an amazing painting. So fun to watch your process and see a bear appear bit by bit!

  10. This bear is awesome. I love that you used unconventional colors in this bear and that it is a faith based painting. Is your finished pieces for your book 12 x 12?

  11. A true masterpiece love all of it

  12. I am speechless. What a joy to see.

  13. You are one totally tremendous artist. Thank you for sharing your talents to the not so lucky artist.

  14. Just watched the video! Most impressive!!!! Am looking forward to seeing the “bigger” one!!

  15. Wow!!! Impressive!! Haven’t watched the video yet, I just had to comment on your artwork first!

  16. Loved seeing the bear come to life. You are so talented. Do you do Bible journaling also, Sandy? TFS

  17. What an amazing work of art. To me it’s especially amazing because it is Brusho, which for me winds up everywhere but where I want it to. You are so talented. And keeping a Faithbook is so special. Keep up the good work.

  18. Amazing! Love this bear — excited to see the full one!

  19. Oh Sandy, this is so magnificent it brought tears to my eyes. I know you hear this constantly, but you ARE the most incredible artist. Love the chances you take to advance your skills. Your talent is so apparent in everything you create.

  20. WOW!!!!

  21. Not that I would ever, in a million years, be able to do something like this, I am still looking forward to trying my Brushos, which arrived yesterday from Ellen Hutson! I have a feeling I’m going to be taking the “spritz and sprinkle” approach to Brushos and using it for backgrounds, but it’s so great to see what else can be done!

  22. I am blown away by this. It is truly fantastic.

  23. Amazing faith book entry! You are a blessing.

  24. Sandy, way to OWN!!!!! Brusho painting. I’ve never even conceived that that kind of control of this medium is possible, and I’ve been enjoying playing with them for a year. You’re the Master!

  25. Awesome video, I love it!!! (And nice music) It amazes me the talent that God gives some people. I am super intimidated by the brusho stuff, I would make it a hot mess. But I love watching you make amazingly awesome things like this fabulous bear. My daughters will want to see this video too. Love the faithbook series.

  26. Spectacular! Watching the face of the bear just appear from a blank page is just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  27. I almost didn’t watch this one because it intimidated the heck out of me when I first saw the painting, and I thought “that is soooo way far beyond my ability and not something I would attempt,” BUT I always love watching you take nothingness and turn it into somethingness, and I Iove your Faithbooking segments, so I watched and was mesmerized and blessed. Thanks for sharing it. You are amazing.

  28. Amazing! My grandsons watched this video with me.

  29. I wAnt to cuddle this guy.

  30. OMGoodness….AWESOME. Love watching your creations…wish I could do(make) something so creative.

  31. Sandy, this is exquisite. It may be my all-time favorite work that I’ve seen you do. It gives new meaning to “inspired.” Thank you for sharing.

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