Can I just say I’m ecstatic to have another sized jar? I’ve been using THIS one for a while…but now more things fit in a jar since we have this cute little chubby jar!

Everything’s Cuter in a Jar! Masking Tips

Today’s video isn’t a coloring one – but so many have been asking for more info on masking that I thought I’d show a few examples. These aren’t tips with fluids (see this post for a test of liquid friskets) – but with sticky notes and masking tapes. And of course adorable Lawn Fawn images – see the supply list for all the sets shown. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The stamp set comes with a group of pre-masked jellybeans – I’ve added smileys to them:

You can also make your own bean arrangement, add labels – lots of options.

When I saw the fat jar, I checked right away to see if the sloth would fit – and it did!

And a few others – Baah Humbug (upper left), Sewn with love (upper right), Out of this World (lower left) and Meow You Doin (lower right).

These are a few of the jars I’ve created in the past – the tall jar is from Bugs and kisses, and I put the owls into the Gumball from Sweet Smiles!

And for those who read the words on my posts (there are a few of ya!)…check this out. Use the “forgot pw” link at login…then read the blog post. 🙂


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