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Customized Planner Extravaganza – with freebie download!

Let’s start 2016 off right – customized planner, inspiration cards – and a freebie!Sandy Allnock Customized Planner

Some of you know…I’m not in the least a planner girl. I’ve even raved on about my digital organization tools, and chuckled at my girlfriends who spend hours making their paper planners pretty. I don’t have time to make ’em pretty! Or at least not weekly. But what I figured I COULD do is make some planner gifts, which I did for Christmas, and then added a few touches to my own new (GASP!) planner – and we’ll see if I make it past February with it in use!?!? lol! Mighta just wasted a bunch of money on it! ha ūüôā

Customized Planner Extravaganza: Let’s get busy!

The video today is a wee¬†bit epic….it’s got a few sections so feel free to use the annotations at the beginning to jump to parts you care about.

  • Print bookmarks/inspiration cards: How to print and trim the free PDF download Inspiration Coloring Cards.
  • Coloring tutorials with a few mediums.
  • Customizing a planner using coloring pages to create cover panels, and add them to any planner with any configuration of holes.
  • Make bookmarks with the Fuse tool
  • Check out the planners I decorated!

Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

How’s that for epic? At least epic for someone like me who isn’t a planner girl! ¬†ūüôā Here are stills of everything made in the video..first the cards. Use them for bookmarks – or just as inspiration cards to tack in your craft room, stick in your wallet, or give to friends. I think I need to print a bunch of the Suck it up Buttercup cards after my recent rant! ha!


Check out your office supply store for planners if you don’t have one – they don’t need to be expensive. The ones from Blue Sky are really nice, and one type has a pocket cover (below, left) to just slip in a trimmed-down coloring page! These two are from the Pepin coloring books I love so much, colored with LePlume markers.


These are also Blue Sky planners; on the left is one with a plastic cover over top of a coloring page panel prepared just for the planner – if you use watercolor, consider covering it with some Distress Glaze to protect it from moisture. I also glued mine to a piece of heavyweight Neenah using StickIt to make it good and sturdy, before punching holes to get it into the book. The panel on the bookmark on the right, by the way, was created while I was making THESE. And then assembled with the Fuse. See more of the products in the supply list at the end of this post. (I did say it was epic, right? Keep a-scrollin!)planner3

I stamped the roses from THIS set and colored them with Copics – you can use anything feminine on this card and it’ll work great! I used airbrush on the ‘start doing’ card – check THIS post for more on getting started with Copic airbrush. Both floral panels here were painted with Brusho…they were warmup experiments, but were perfect for colorful panels for the bookmarks. All the beads and sequins I used are from Pretty Pink Posh.planner4

I hope this was helpful – even if just the cards made you feel a little inspired to get ‘er done!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

19 thoughts on “Customized Planner Extravaganza – with freebie download!

  1. Yea, my computer is finally working. Now to catch up. I use a wall calendar as my planner, but have been thinking about using a planner. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  2. Ha! I tried a planner once a few years ago and found out that I’m not the kind of person that keeps up with it at all. I kept going weeks without remembering to write on it. Then, I got a planner for 2016 during September because I wanted to force myself to schedule stuff and get more organized and I have touched it only a handful of times since then! I still find it so much easier to use my phone for that kind of stuff, but I really have to get into a schedule so I can maximize my time and do more without feeling like I’m wasting time! I’m a pretty random person in general, but I need a routine in my life this year because I feel sometimes like I’m all over the place and nowhere at the same time, if that makes sense!

    May be now with your great ideas I’ll get better at it, even if only to color/create something, LOL! Thanks for sharing! I loved to see the Brusho full pages you made a few weeks ago being used here; they were lovely!

  3. I’m a retired person,and thought I wouldn’t need a planner. Ha! Getting old ain’t for sissies. So your motivational cards were just what I needed and I spent the day yesterday getting them done and into the planner. (I bought a Heidi Swapp little one.). Now…if YOULL do it til the end of the year, I WILL! Touch√©!

  4. I am so with you … not a planner type… HOWEVER .. I forced myself to put something down every day (until the end of the year) in 2014 … LOVE LOVE the results! I still look at what I did on a regular basis.. I lost 85 pounds that year and documented it all…major motivator!. Then I did nothing in 2015, so nothing to look at… sad. and I gained 60 pounds back!!! OUCH! So 2016 I WILL do it again (she said out loud so she could hear it) both the diet and the journal.

    1. Hope it works for you!!

  5. Always delightful to view your creations . thank you for the free printables. Blessed new year.

  6. OMG, This is great!!!! Me and my planner are BFF’s, but no matter how many planner stamp sets I purchase I just don’t have time to make it pretty!!!! I love your inspiration cards and your fuse ideas. Especially since I got got a fuse for my bday. You just solved all my major issues with it by sharing that glass mat!!!! Thanks so much for always inspiring me!!!

  7. Thanks for more inspiration–I’m considering doing a “sort of planner” that is more like a scrapbook thing–I’m all about using my phone for my appointments, activities etc. I’m going to use the 3 ring binder thing I won several years ago, with sort of planner stuff in it. I have the fuse tool, have been having fun making shaker cards and pockets for things–made a pocket on the back of my zig water color marker plastic container to hold the color charts–works really well! Happy New Year!

  8. Haven’t watched anything yet but YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING – jump to what I’m interested in? I don’t want to miss anything and this is EPIC. How have you kept this secret? OK, now I’ll go watch and read details.

  9. Sandy, thank you so much for the coloring cards and the inspiration!

  10. Thank you so much for the whole series. I am printing out the cards – I can use my minc on some to foil!! I plan to make my bookmark open ended on the outside where the card goes. Then I can slide in the card that makes the most sense for the mood I am in. Flexibility!

  11. Great helpful video Sandy.I just downloaded the perfect sayings.Will be using often.Thank you

  12. I LOVE all your ideas! I, too, am an electronic calendar user/list-maker, but I find that day-to-day chores are better managed with paper. I have a small three-ring binder, and I created a weekly list on my Mac that I can run off. Then I print out the monthly calendar, so I have an overview as well. It has worked well for me for the last year, so I hope your new system will be has helpful. I, too, used my fuse tool to create a kind of cover, but I never thought to use it for a bookmark! I absolutely love that idea! Thank you so much for all the inspiration you give to all of us day after day! Happy New Year–you have certainly made mine better!

  13. Thank you, thank you for the ‘Suck It Up, Buttercup’! I have borrowed your saying since I heard you use it on Periscope once. Frankly, my son is a tad sick of it. Wait til he sees it in print!!

  14. Thank you for the inspiration cards! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and watching your videos since I found you … around October!

  15. Amazing ideas. I’m a digital person too. This year I’m going to try to adapt my life to paper planning! Thanks!

  16. HAPPY New YEAR!!

  17. Happy New Year. I’ve tried planners, but that is how far I got…trying. I keep it all upstairs. These are lovely and I’m sure your receivers enjoyed them.

  18. Very nice Sandy! While I’m a list maker and rely heavily on my Outlook calendar, i’m not much of a planner book person, but these are really pretty and I can see how they would make lovely gifts. Thanks so much for sharing this idea with us!

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