Entwined Masking: Step by Step

Sometimes an image wants to peek through another image – especially when there’s an “O” involved! The two stamp sets shown here, All My Love, and Lovable (both by Penny Black) cried out to be used together! The bear is already part of the word “LOVE” but the other creatures were to be added – I started by making masks of each to line up in my MISTI. I made my masks with Eclipse Tape.

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I stamped the Hedgie first since he’s in front and I can just get that part out of the way.

I sliced the O so I could tuck the bunny inside. I wanted his head to be in FRONT of the O, so I cut away the parts of the “O” mask that the bunny should cover. Including cutting the open hole of the O, leaving the bear’s arm in the mask.

I stamped the bunny on top, and checked that his head and flower peeked out correctly.

I placed the bunny and hedgie masks in place before stamping “LOVE” – because I didn’t know where to trim off the bunny quite yet.

Now that “LOVE” is stamped on top, I can cut right around the bear’s arm – since it’s in the MISTI I’ll be able to stamp it in place in a minute.

See how that mask left a gap? I just need to restamp the “LOVE” to fill in the bear parts.

And there we go! All done and together. I colored the image with my Polychromos pencils.