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Elle’s Studio love tag

Happy Sunday, blog readers! I hope you’ve been having a good weekend. I’m hoping for a little sunshine outside to go work in the garden…some weeds need torturing 🙂

I’ve got a question for you today…how’s the blog working now? I had such trouble with so many things when I first started – font colors, subscribing acting weird, comments timing out, etc. I haven’t had complaints in weeks – but the commenting has also slowed pretty drastically too. So I’m not sure if that meant you all gave up, or quite what’s going on. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

My cards never get so CAS as today’s, eh? When a tag is this darling, it’s hard to embellish it up! It’s by Elle’s Studio; Elle had sent them ages ago, and I finally used them on cards once I came up with the design. I struggle with tag-type things; they’re often large enough that they don’t allow for much else on the card, like this one. So I started layering, first red, then white, then black and red behind it all. Twine and a little pearl pen complete the card – well, until a hero writes on it what the coupon is for!

And….if you missed the vlog, here you go!

8 thoughts on “Elle’s Studio love tag

  1. Hi Sandy!
    Although my comments no longer time out, I still get a “Suspicious site” warning from my McAfee every time I click the link to your site. It covers my whole window, and gives me the option of “going back” or “visiting anyway.” Unfortunately your blog is the only one I get that error message from.
    I can type your blog address into the address bar and it takes me to your blog without that error message, so I can get here eventually 🙂

    Great card with that fill-it-in coupon! That’s a pretty cool idea!

  2. I will miss te vlog, but will be fun to try out your new “plan”. Thanks for all you do. I had quit commenting because of the time out issue.. looks like that is fixed!

  3. I love this card! I haven’t had any problems seeing your blog lately, I read it through Google Reader. My only problem is if I come here and leave a comment, the font to tell me what field is what can’t be seen…it blends into the background.

  4. I read it in Reader too and don’t take time to come here to comment. I didn’t get the warning today.

  5. What an adorably sweet card that will brighten a hero’s family when they receive it. And all the work that went into it fussy-cutting around these images – WOW! What a very special card. I haven’t had any trouble commenting here in weeks and enjoy your creations and don’t always have the time to tell you how much I like what you’ve shared. Thank you for putting yourself out there like this.

  6. CAS or not your creations always bring a smile.
    Thank you

  7. Haven’t had any problems with the blog or commenting. Left you some comments on the Vlog over on U-Tube along with a LIKE, of course! Who wouldn’t like you and Ciara?? Great card, I also struggle with what to do with something like that. Thanks for the idea!

  8. No problems seeing your blog on my computer. Will miss your Vlogs but look forward to the future plan. TFS

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