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Elf’d Paper Doll Ballet


Have you ever had a silly idea – and simply couldn’t REST til it was completed? That’s me. Today. List checked off…short and sweet!

Elf’d Paper Doll Ballet

The “Elf’d” stamp set that my friend Julie designed is quite cute on its own. But….you know me. Crazy ideas came up, and I thought making some new outfits for the little elf would be fabulous FUN. The video is just silliness too, no instruction, but I did do some video magic to create a little ballet! Watch it below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


  1. Purchase the stamp set: Elf’d by Julie Ebersole – or locate it in your craft room.
  2. Download the file: Elfd essential outfits and print it out.
  3. Color with whatever you’d like (I used Copics and a white pen), then trim them out and make some cards!
  4. Share this with your friends who already bought the stamp set too. They’ll thank you for the giggles.
  5. Go drink some syrup!



21 thoughts on “Elf’d Paper Doll Ballet

  1. I recently purchased the Elf stamps and found out about these adorable outfits today. Can’t wait to play! Thank you for sharing your fabulous talent!

  2. So cute! Thank you for the wardrobe!

  3. Cute cards and love the outfits.

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful coordinating digis! I just made a pocket letter for my friend using the Elf’d stamp and the Harry Potter and Angel digis. If you’re interested in taking a peek, I just posted a video share here: Many thanks again! Big hugs, Kristina

  5. Oh my gosh! Between you and Julie the fun never ends…and we don’t want it to! These are so cute!

  6. Love the video and oh so cute!

  7. You are too funny!!! It’s dress-up time!!! 🙂

  8. You are a trip! Totally enjoyed “the Ballet”!!!

  9. Thank you, you are most kind on top of being talented.

  10. Adorable–loved your little ballet. I don’t have the stamp set, it’s going on my wish list. I’ve been bad–end up ordering too many gifts for myself instead of my loved ones. But I can put on my wish list!

  11. Darn, if you get cleverer you’ll need to join Mensa.

  12. Adorable! Thanks for the fun from your extra work!

  13. You are amazing. So cute.

  14. Thanks and my granddaughter thanks you also.

  15. Oh, Sandy!! These are awesome. I’ve got the stamp set! I’m going to have so many laughs when my granddaughter and I color and play with these together! I love your happy approach to holiday crafting.

  16. Such a clever idea. Thanks for the silliness before work this morning.

  17. So, so cute.

  18. My elf’d set is on order! Can hardly wait to dress them up! Thanks for the free download!

  19. Ok….seriously? I had to come to the blog to figure out what the heck the video was about -although I enjoyed the dancing fairies, I was clueless…waiting for the coloring to commence as usual. NOW I get it …you adding “fashion designer” to your business card. It is such a cute idea and as always, well executed by you. When I saw them dancing around, I had no clue they all came from the same stamp so I would say…. job WELL done.

  20. Just so adorable.

  21. Sandy, you’ve done it again!! I just loved this adorable little video (great job on the ballet!), and I’m so glad I ordered Ellen Hutson’s Elf’d stamp set by Julie when I did! 😉 Thank you so much for making these oh so cute outfits available for all of us to add to our elves!!! 😀

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