Sandy Allnock - EduDigi plus Hex Chart


I’m back today with another EduDigi bundle, this time with a crab and starfish digital stamp! These are my ongoing series of studies of the different Copic color families. Many of you have asked for the oranges, and I have soooo been avoiding them…there are some anomalies that puzzle me, and I was hoping it would maybe start to all make sense. But alas… 🙂

Crab and Starfish Digital Stamp Tutorial

I decided to shoot a video for you, and I only sped it up a little bit…I did chop out some repeat chunks that weren’t needed, so you won’t be here all weekend with me. But the video also takes a little look at the hexchart and how I picked some colors for this piece. Note that in today’s bundle, you’ll get FOUR stamps – the starfish facing two ways, the crab, and this compiled image that I’m coloring for you! Just a little bonus since I’m feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for you guys and your support of the HexChart!

Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube! I’ll apologize now for the weird snapping sound in the video. It wasn’t present in the audio I edited, so something happened in YT…and I’m too tuckered to re-upload it. (It’s almost 2am, eeep! But hooray I get to sleep in tomorrow!)

The photos of orange-colored items was quite the challenge…the video shows a little more accurate color since my photos of the crab and starfish digital stamp just kept getting electric. Wahhhh!

Sandy Allnock - Crab and Starfish Digital Stamp

I hope you might take a stab at coloring these summertime images…if you do, tag me on Instagram so I can see what you did, okeydokey?  To purchase the bundle, click on the image below!


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Don’t forget the special mission requested in the video…I can’t wait to see if it gets noticed! I’m off to another Toastmasters Contest today…I’m in the evaluations competition. I’m not nearly as good as the others at this level, so I’m not expecting to come back with an amazing report, but I’m pretty excited to just get to participate!

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I’ve included the Tonic Trimmer everyone’s been asking me about….since I forgot to link it up last week. Whoops!
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Have yourself a crabby little weekend…in the best way! Maybe coloring a crab and starfish digital stamp. Using your new Hex Chart, perhaps? *grin*