EduDigi - Tulip Digi Stamp

Hello everyone! And thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes! I’m having an amazing time on the east coast with friends…we’ve got a crafty gift swap tonight that should be a hoot! Anyway – let’s get on to the tulip digi stamp! I got this set prepped before I left…and hoping you like these pretty flowers!

Tulip Digi Stamp Bundle

I thought that violet would be a perfect color to use for the tulip stamps I had drawn…though you of course can color them any way you want to. I suspect we’ll all pick our favorite color combos, or even multicolor tulips! I do have purple ones blooming in my own garden right now.

In this digi bundle, you’ll get THREE stamps this time. One is the solo tulip flower, since I thought that might be a fun single element for a CAS card. I put glossy accents on the stamen of my sample card, and it just really made it shine nicely! The bouquet of tulips have some special shine on them, and I tell you in the pdf how I did it.

The pdfs, as a reminder, now include solo pics of my card samples, as well as clickable supply lists just in case. Click on the image below to go pick up the tulips:



You can find all the EduDigis in THIS section of the store.

So there’s the tulip digi stamp – wonder what color might be coming next week? (Note that we’re not going in ROYGBIV order, of course!)