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Easy Ombré Holiday Cards – celebrating with Hero Arts!


Are you ready for a celebration? Today is the day that Hero Arts finally opens their brand new redesigned website! I was priveleged to get a sneak peek at it yesterday and kick tires…you are going to be. so. excited! I noticed they added some things to the store that weren’t there just last week – so I’m hooking you up at the end of this post with my top recommendations. (ie: I bought these, so there might be videos coming up with them sometime. LOL!)

Easy Ombré Holiday Cards

Every year I do a bunch of different things with my holiday cards – I do some easy ones, some middle-of-the-road ones, and some diving-in-and-going-crazy cards. Those are for my “A,” “B,” and “C” lists – based on their appreciation level for handmade cards! Ha! We all have those friends and family who just don’t “get it,” right? So we need quick cards for them. And a little more for those who care about the handmade cards. So today, I bring you cards that would be quick and easy to mass produce in their simplest form…or you can dress them up for the fancier crowd! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Weren’t those fun and easy!? I wish you could touch them on the letterpress paper and see how soft they are. And ya gotta love the Ombré Green and Ombré Red ink pads! It’s simple to make a background that looks soft and blended – toss a little snow on, and some bling, and it’s all ready for Christmas!

Sandy Allnock Easy Ombre Ink cards

Sabbatical followup

When I spoke yesterday of taking time off after finishing my Boston teaching gig – it’ll be taking time off from teaching at stamp stores only. I’ve received lots of lovely “farewell” messages…please don’t think I’m leaving my blog! lol. Just the in-person teaching. Which…might leave me time for more online teaching. Good, right? 🙂

Card Supplies

Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the picture or wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

My Hero Arts Shopping Cart

In the video I promised I’d show you what fell into my cart. *eeeeep* This is what happens when I go crafty shopping! #walletneedsasabbaticaltoo

19 thoughts on “Easy Ombré Holiday Cards – celebrating with Hero Arts!

  1. Looked at your list and thought it was going to be longer….ha ha ha…. The technique you used with the iron was a new one for me. I didn’t know about using the iron to take off embossing powder. It’s so good to know. Thanks so very much for sharing your art. 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful, dreamy effect. Almost looks like soda pop bubbles with the unicorn white spritzing. Love it! 🙂

  3. Great use of the ombre ink pads. Will have to try this technique. Love the CAS look of these cards. TFS

  4. I love the look of these cards. Can one use any kind of iron for removing the embossing powder? We too, here on the eastern side of Washington are very grateful for the cooler weather. Fires are still a major concern, but firefighters are able to get a better handle on them with the cooler weather. Have a great vacation or sabbatical. Hugs 🙂

    1. I’m just using the clothing iron – that doesn’t really iron clothes anymore. LOL. Glad to hear it’s cooling off!

  5. Love your A B C idea for Christmas Cards. That totally works I think! So sorry about PayPal, but anticipate a quick fix as they’ve always been great for me. Love your pretty cards. Last, your shopping wasn’t bad at all. I have been worse ….gulp, gulp…much worse. heh, heh (little confession here!) Love seeing the pic of you in your chair with your cozy shawl and your Apple with neat window beside you! So pretty.

  6. The ombré cards are awesome! I totally get the A, B and C cards! Too funny!! I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your blog. I’ve been a subscriber on YT for awhile and adore your videos as well. You are also a very good and entertaining writer! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Love the ombre cards! Will be doing mine in a teal color to give respect to the snowflake disease, MG (Myasthenia Gravis). I do have a question regarding items bought (or rather tried to buy but sold out) from your post. Do you still get the credit? I have no issue coming back to this post to use your link if need be, but will want to put that in my calendar if that is the case. Love your artistry! ~Mari~

  8. Love these cards you made. I also love that you went shopping and found some nice things. I can see some cute samples in my future. I just spent my shoe allowance on another site. Cannot get anything from Hero Arts today…have to figure out what else I can do without….maybe that cute blouse I was looking at yesterday. Anyway, I love HA new website. Easy to find what you are looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a bummer to have your PayPal messed up. Crossing my fingers that will get fixed pronto. Love these cards a bunch…great colors and ironing off the embossing is such a magical technique.

  10. Sandy your artistic skills are amazing! And your effort to provide us with tools is a true blessing! Thank you! and God bless you.

  11. Love your video. Your card are beautiful. I’ll have to try iron on embossed lettering…interesting. Looks like you had an awesome shopping experience :o)

  12. Love your cards. I am drooling over those inks. I so the elves stamp in what you bought, which makes me excited can’t wait to what you do with it. So many things I want from Hero arts going to have to start saving. If you get the Copper embossing powder I want to see it on something, I am dying to see what it looks like on someone’s project.

  13. I love that you have A, B, Cs for your card recipients! Maybe I should do that too. Instead of getting the dreaded comment “I have too much time on my hands”, they will just get the store bought cards! Ha!

  14. As you can see auto correct wreaked havoc an my comment,hehehe


  16. I totally understand A, B and C. Some people appreciate it just so much and others will just put in trash.

  17. Great “A” level cards! I already have those ombre ink pads on my wish list, but hadn’t thought far enough ahead to plan cards for them – now I know what I’ll be doing – thanks!
    Oh, and I’m totally jealous of you – getting to “Hero” shop – wish I could go, too!

  18. Pretty! I hear you about the A, B, C level of card, although anyone who wouldn’t be appreciative of something you’ve created probably needs to have a time-out with intensive craft therapy–lock em in a room with lots of paper, stamps and tape runners and don’t release em until a couple of cards have been created! THEN there will be a new appreciation for cards! Thanks again for all your stellar work in producing videos for our crafty community!

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