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Earth Day Moosage from me!

Attennnnnnnntion! It’s Earth Day! And we have one seriously awesome planet we live on….it’s her day today! I hope you get to do something to celebrate our earth….plant something, go for a hike, or…..heck, check out my vlog! And pardon the horrible western accent. I think it turned into Oklahoma after a while, then maybe a little central Florida and over to eastern Montana. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. 🙂

An additional moosage  from me – let’s you and I make a consumption pact. Next time you want to buy something in the craft store, think about this: Will I use it THIS WEEK? If not, well guess what – you can go back later and buy it if you still want it next week! And especially if it’s on some crazy-amazing sale, do an EXTRA doubletake. Don’t let yourself think the words “I’ll never find it this cheap again.” That’s marketing getting the best of you. Buy what you’ll use. Then use it. Buy local at your small stores in your town, not the big box stores….shop monthly for just a little treat or two, and help them stay in business as well. Think of craft shopping like the French do their bread and produce – they stop every day to buy what they need – fresh – right then, from their local market. We can do the same! We can save money that way by not feeling that coupon or sale burning a hole in our pocket…we get only what we need. And stimulate the economy just a little at a time! Locally!

My lil CAS Moosage card is using some wonderful Graphic 45 paper. I thought the Public Telephone paper was pretty amusing juxtaposed with the moosage! And our guys have called out cards made with this stamp by name in emails – apparently it’s pretty funny to them, so I make some on occasion for them! I’ve had the stamp for eons….hope it lasts, but it’s one of those that’s started to get a little brittle! But I did a search for it, and guess what – they still sell the stamp at Repeat Impressions!

And while we’re on mooses…meese?….I borrowed the sentiment off this stamp for another card using today’s sketch on S&S:

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9 thoughts on “Earth Day Moosage from me!

  1. Sandy Thank you so much for that hilarous vlog. I am having a bit of a sad day and you made me laugh so hard. How do you think up this stuff. Again THANK YOU Charlsie

  2. Sandy, you are priceless! Think you need to add a bit more Southern to your list of accents…didn’t really hear any central Fla in there, but there was some def. Georgia/Alabama/Louisiana in there! Would love to know what it would have been if we’d all voted Egyptian!!! I promise to get brutal with the scrap pile…although I really am pretty darn good at using it up!
    Still smilin’ and must admit to a guffaw or two

  3. Did you study under Paula Deen, woman?! What a hoot! Thanks for the good scrapping tips–I’ve already tossed my little baggies of hearts, starts and flowers!
    Glenda F

  4. That’s STARS, not starts, sheesh.

  5. OMG Sandy!!! I am loving your YouTube post, lol! First off it’s hysterical and sooo true you are about how we keep our stash & secondly I love it for all your wonderful ideas on how to “de-Stash”.

    I have a ton of stash that I was going to donate to somewhere but then I was asked to teach some card classes for a retirement home and we supply the materials and I thought “HEY, I’ll donate to them!” So I sit here and I make over 100 card kits that have to be ready by May 14th.

    Thank you for the ideas and also the great video. Take care!

  6. LOL, love your video. I personally keep an eye on my scraps and clean out monthly to make cards for OWH. I love making cards from scraps, so much fun. I recently just cleaned out a bunch of my regular paper too and cut them all down to make some really great DAD cards, over 80 of them. All basically the same design, but with different papers, different solids, some are embossed, some have jewels and so on… I even made some of them into Birthday and Just a Note cards with my stamps, so they all turned out awesome and know they will be loved by the soldiers.

    Happy Earth Day!

  7. I already commented on YouTube, but I just had to tell you again how much I enjoyed the video. It made even the rant funny. I’m taking your advice and cutting up bits and pieces to store like you did. It will be a good sitting-in-front-of-the-TV project.

    1. Forgot to add how much I liked the Moosage cards. Perfect for masculine cards, though I’d like to receive one, too.

  8. Love these Moosage stamps – so fun, as was your vlog! And a BIG thank you for the ‘consumption pact’ you referred to. It’s been so easy to just buy, buy, buy, and then buy some more when something catches my eye, but now I’ve just got too much stuff that will take a long time to use up. I like the idea of asking myself if I’ll use it within a week and if not, then not buying it. I need all the help I can get in that dept. I’m going to start picking a stamp or two, and some nice papers and play with what I have, and be inspired by Googling images of the stamp/papers & looking at different sketches, and have some fun doing that.

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